You Can Now Install Windows 10 on Mac With Parallels Desktop 10

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If you’re using a Mac computer, but still want to see how Windows 10 looks like, we have some great news for you. With Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac, you’ll be able to install Windows 10 on the virtual machine on your Mac.
Install Windows 10 On Mac With Parallels Desktop 10 wind8apps
Parallels announced that recently that its virtual machine software for Mac computers, Parallels Desktop 10 got very important update in the form of “experimental support” for Microsoft’s Windows 10 Technical Preview operating system. This software will allow users to test the latest version of Windows 10 TP without overwriting their existing Boot Camp or creating the new partition just for the system, but to safely install it on Parallels’ virtual machine.

This update will give you the ability to try the new preview of Microsoft Office for Windows 10, which includes the improved versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and other new features of Windows 10. Parallels Desktop 10 will also give Mac users the chance to try Microsoft’s personal assistant, Cortana, and compare it with Apple’s VA, Siri, which is great if you like to experiment with your system.

Installing operating systems on the virtual machines before installing them on actual computers has became a trend lately. But it is indeed more practical way to determine which operating system fits for you. Maybe using Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview on Parallels Desktop 10 will not change you choice of operating system, but it will certainly give you the insight in other OS and all it’s good and bad sides.

But unfortunately, Parallels Desktop 10 is not free, it is available to purchase from the Parallels’ website for $79.99. There is also a special pricing plan for students and users of previous versions of Parallels Desktop. But you can always try a free trial version, which can be downloaded from here.

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