Sorry we’re having trouble opening this item [SOLVED]

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Sorry we're having trouble opening this item
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Even though Outlook is one of the most prominent email clients, some of Outlook’s bugs are extreme and cause the app to become completely unusable. That is exactly the case with the Sorry we’re having trouble opening this item error that bothers some users.

Here’s what one user had to say on the official Microsoft support forum.

I client of mine is having an issue with outlook where her emails are not showing on the viewing pane on the right (Just a blank space instead) and if she double clicks an email to try and open it, it displays the message: Microsoft Outlook Sorry, we’re having trouble opening this item. This could be temporary, but if you see it again you might want to restart Outlook.

Learn how to fix this problem by following the instructions below.

Why won’t Outlook open items?

1. Restore Outlook’s default view settings

  1. Open the Windows Run dialog box. To do this, press  Windows key + R keys (simultaneously) on your keyboard.
  2. In the next window, type Outlook.exe  /cleanviews( Notice the space after Outlook.exe).Sorry we're having trouble opening this item
  3. Press OK and wait for it to run to completion.
  4. Once you notice it has finished, reopen the Run dialog box (Win+R).
  5. This time you type Outlook.exe  /resetnavpane(Again notice the space after Outlook.exe).
  6. Click OK.

Looking for the best alternative to Outlook? Check these options.

2. Repair your Outlook installation

  1. Close and exit Outlook.Sorry we're having trouble opening this item
  2. Next, you browse to the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16 The last part (Office16) will differ based on the version you use, obviously.
  3. Once there, locate and Double-click the Scanpst.exe file.
  4. The Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool In its dialog box, select Browse.

Now find and select your current Outlook data file (.pst or .ost), and then press Open.

The locations are as follows:

  • Windows 10: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook or C:\Users\username\Roaming\Local\Microsoft\Outlook.
  • Older Windows versions: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook or C:\Users\username\My Documents\Outlook Files.

Microsoft Outlook is undoubtedly one of the best business emailing software. But like other software, its functionality can be brought down by the occasional bug.

If the Outlook won’t work locally, you can always access it via the browser. The web-based Outlook client is a worthy alternative and, while there, we highly recommend using UR Browser to access Outlook online.

The advantages of using UR Browser over mainstream browsers are its impeccable privacy protection, loading speed, and intuitive design. Check it out and see for yourself.

One such bug is the one that triggers the message ‘sorry we’re having trouble opening this item’. Fortunately, as we have seen, you can swiftly solve it by resetting your app to its default settings or repairing Outlook files.


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