8 two-player online games to challenge a friend

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  • There are a lot of two-player games online that you can play either sharing the same console or PC, or connecting to the same game.
  • In this article, we'll see just a few games that should satisfy all kinds of tastes, and that are suitable for almost all ages.
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While single-player online games are a good option to have fun, one of the most sought-for features is the multiplayer option. I mean, it should always be more fun to compete against a real face or cooperate with your best mate to save the world.

As expected, the two-player online games offer is varied, from multiplayer games to co-op games and even classic board and card games. You can play with your buddies either online or together on the same PC or console. 

Mind that some of the games in the following list are not for free.

Best online games to play with your friends

Apex Legends

A battle royale type of game in which you team up with one or two friends (Legends) to make a unique squad that will fight against other teams and gains wealth and fame.

The game received multiple awards, including for Best Multiplayer category. It is available for PS4, Xbox One, or PC, with a free download, and further in-game purchases.

Get Apex Legends


Another free battle royale type of game, in which you have to build forts, and fight and take out competitors until you’re the last man (or woman) standing.  It also supports a story mode, where you can battle against zombies with a friend.

The game can’t be played locally, only online, and is available for Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, iOS, or Android. 

Get Fortnite

Mario Kart Tour

free car games

Available only as an app, on Apple Store or Google Play, Mario Kart Tour is very suitable for nostalgics, but not only. After all, Super Mario games have been a long time favorite with many online games fans of all ages.

The standard version is free to play, but then there are, of course, in-app purchases.

After downloading the app, you have to create a Nintendo account, register your friends on the dedicated list and invite them to play.

Mind that according to recent reviews the multiplayer option proved faulty, but for sure the developers are working to fix it, as many players have installed the app precisely for this feature.

Get Mario Kart on Google Play


This one is a great co-op game that can be played in 2 to 5 players, that have to make up a team and fight a worldwide infectious disease.

Since it doesn’t have a multiplayer option, you can invite friends and cooperate to make a strategy, then play in turns.

The game is available on PCs and Macs, a well as on gaming consoles and mobile devices running on Windows or iOS, at prices starting from $4.99.

Get Pandemic on Amazon

A way out

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Yet another co-op game, perfect for two players, in which the two of you are prisoners trying to escape.

You have to work together to get through various challenges and many times you depend on one another to survive. 

The game is available for separate purchase for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 

Get for PC

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Get for PS4

Portal 2

Portal 2 is a great single-player puzzle game, but due to the high demand, a two-player mode was introduced.

It features a unique futuristic story, challenging test chambers and tricky puzzle rooms that the two of you have to go through together, to advance in the game.

Portal 2 is suitable for PCs, Xbox One, or Xbox 360. 

Get Portal 2 on Amazon

Words with friends

words with friends online

Back to some classic board games, this is a Scrabble-like game that you can play with your Facebook friends. All you need is a Facebook account and then challenge a networking buddy.

You can play it either locally or download the dedicated app and log in with your Facebook account.

Get from Google Play

Get from Apple Store

Chess on Linchess.org

Last but not least, a good chess game for the more geeky ones.  No registration is required and access is completely free.

When the two of you are ready, go to Lichess.org and choose the Play with a friend option, then choose the type of game you want and press on one of the icons. You’ll receive a sharable link, which your friend has to access to join your game.

From then on, just make your smartest move!

Play Chess

These were just a few options of two-player games, covering multiple game types, for all tastes, we hope. We’d like to hear your recommendations on this topic, so please use the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • There’s a lot of games of different genres, some free, other paid. First of all, what type of game do you fancy: a battle royale story, a multiplayer racing game, or maybe a co-op game.

  • Many say that Gin Rummy is a fun option to play in two. You can play it for free, locally, and one of the most popular platforms to find it would be MSN Games.

  • There’s a lot of games of different genres, some free, other paid. First of all, what type of game do you fancy: a battle royale story, a multiplayer racing game, or maybe a co-op game.

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