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If you have administrator privileges, you can view, quarantine or delete quarantined messages and files in Office 365.

It is worth mentioning that Office 365 has the default option to send directly to quarantine phishing and malware messages.

You can view and manage these files in the Security & Compliance Center.

However, many users encountered issues with this operation. They received the “Unexpected error occurs in PSWS call” error message.

What to do if the quarantine management page is broken?

1. Clear the cache of your browser

This issue might appear if the internet temporary files are corrupted. To fix the problem quickly, delete them from your browser.

To do this in Google Chrome, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the three vertical dots from the upper-right corner of the windows.
  2. Go to More tools and select Clear browsing clear data
  3. On the Advanced tab, select All time from Time range, check the first four, and click on Clear clear browsing data

2. Start browser in private mode

Going in private mode is an interesting option for many browsers. Also, many users reported that going incognito solves “Unexpected error occurs in PSWS call” error.

  1. In Google Chrome, go to the three vertical dots from the upper-right side of the window.
  2. Select New incognito window.
  3. Once you opened Chrome in incognito mode, try the operation here.

3. Switch to another browser

Quite a few people reported that switching to another browser solved this problem.

We recommend UR. It is a lightweight and reliable browser. If you want an error-free online experience, UR is the best option.

Moreover, this tool is privacy-oriented, so you don’t have to go incognito – you already are in privacy mode by default.

To find out more about UR, check out our in-depth review!


The quarantine management is a very important function used by many people. Unfortunately, errors are common and to solve them might not be as easy as users want.

Luckily, the methods described above are simple. You can clear your cache, which is always a good idea even if your browser is running properly.

Also, you can choose another browser. We recommend UR for enhanced privacy protection and reliability.

Did our solutions help you fix the issue? Do let us know in the comments section below!


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