10+ best USB-A to USB-C cables to use on PCs

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USB Type-C connector is a USB standard that is gaining popularity. Many smartphones and tablets are using USB-C ports, and even some desktop computers and laptops have it.

This port isn’t compatible with standard USB-A ports due to its smaller size, and in order to use a USB-C device, you’ll need an appropriate cable or adapter.

Speaking of which, today we’ll show you the best USB-A to USB-C cables for your Windows 10 PC.

What’s the best USB-A to USB-C cable for Windows 10?

Anker USB C Cable 2-Pack 6 ft Premium Nylon USB-A to USB-C

  • Premium Nylon build
  • Supports Fast Charging technology
  • Cross-device compatibility
  • Micro USB connectivity
  • Does not support dash charge

Conceived to work flawlessly with a wide range of devices equipped with USB-C ports, this cable delivers superior performance.

Fast charging and super quick data transfers are guaranteed. Due to its nylon-braided construction, the cable is not only efficient but durable and you can rest assured that you will enjoy its advantages for a long time.

12 times longer to be more precise -that is how reliable this cable is.

CyvenSmart USB Type C Cable 1m 3 Pack

  • 3A Fast Charging-enabled
  • Universal compatibility
  • Spring Protection for enhanced durability
  • Pull-up resistor to secure charging current
  • Requires a power block to deliver fast charging

With universal compatibility, this cable goes a long way. And we don’t just say that in regards to its extended 3ft long cord, but also when it comes to its versatility and performance.

The cable will work flawlessly with Samsung, LG, Lumia, Asus, and much more covering a wide range of devices from smartphones to laptops and even gaming consoles.

Fast USB 2.0 charging and data transfers are a safe bet and an extra spring is added to further enhance its already well-established durability.

BrexLink Type C Charging Cable(2-Pack 6.6ft)

  • 3A fast charging and quick data transfers
  • Extended coverage
  • 90 degrees L connector
  • Premium aluminum build with an included pull-up resistor
  • No major issues

First thing’s first – this cable is sturdy and safe. The premium aluminum case and a solid 23AWG wire core make a good match.

If you add extra security features to the table such as a reversible connector that allows you to just plug your cable without worrying about the orientation of the port, a pull-up resistor for safe charging current, and a 90-degree L design for more comfort, you are definitely on to a winning combination.

What’s more, the cable is certified for 3A fast charging and data sync and supports a huge palette of devices equipped with USB Type-C ports.

TAKAGI USB Type C Cable (3-Pack 6feet)

  • Durable Nylon-braided cord
  • Wide compatibility
  • Support fast charging and data sync/transfer
  • Extended length for more comfort
  • Does not deliver fast charging on Google Pixel

This cable delivers more than universal compatibility with USB Type-C-equipped devices. In fact, the focus is more on resistance and efficiency.

Easy to use quick-connect ready, this cable supports fast charging and data sync for your convenience.

Data transfer rates reach up 480Mb/s and its durable nylon-braided construction is internationally certified as safe and durable.

XIAE USB C Cable (5Pack)

  • Battery protection
  • 118 copper cores for faster conduction
  • Strain relief design
  • Universal compatibility
  • The charger output is limited to 5V/2A

User-friendly, this cable comes in different sizes to perfectly meet your expectations regardless of the occasion. The length may be variable, but its most desirable features are guaranteed no matter what.

These include a high-quality oxidation-resistant aluminum casing, a strain relief design to withstand twisting and abrasion, and fast charging and data sync speeds anywhere.

Needless to say it USB Type C compliance makes it highly versatile and capable to match a wide range of devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, you can connect USB-C devices to legacy USB A ports by using special USB-A to USB-C cables and adapters.

  • There is no shortage on the market and it really comes down to your specific needs. Have a look at these best USB-C extension cables to cover all your needs.

  • Although the connector is the same, not all USB C cables support the same data transfer speeds or protocols (among other things). Check out these top USB-C 3.1 cables for inspiration.

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