6 best USB type C desktop chargers [2021 Guide]

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USB type C desktop chargers

The average tech user has several devices he/she uses on a daily basis: a laptop, one or two smartphones, a tablet, maybe a fitness band and the list could go on.

At a given moment, all these devices will run out of battery. If all these devices need to be plugged in at the same time, choosing which one gets charged first can be a tough call.

The situation gets even worse when your parents’, roommate’s, or friends’ devices also run out of battery.

Who gets to revive his/her battery first? In order to avoid such annoying situations that could even trigger conflicts, we recommend you to purchase a desktop charging hub. A

lso known as a charging station, this device allows you to charge several devices at the same time.

If you own a USB Type C computer, smartphone or tablet, check out the list below to see what the best USB-C desktop chargers are.

What are the best USB Type-C charging hubs to buy?

Anker power strip

  • Has a compact square design, with a slimmer Plug than other power strips
  • Includes a fire-retardant casing and child-friendly safety shutters
  • Deliver an 18W high-speed charge to phones, tablets, and more
  • Can charge up to 5 devices simultaneously
  • Features a 7-point safety system
  • Not rated above 125V

Charging your devices can be a hassle, especially when there are plenty of them and few sockets available.

That’s precisely where a power strip like the Anker power strip can come in handy since it is perfectly capable of charging up to 5 devices at once.

It is also slim, compact, and has several child-safety features, so the fear of electrocution will be a thing of the past.

Satechi 108W Pro

  • Its ultra-sleek design complements your modern accessories
  • Charger complies with CE, ETL, USBIF, and FCC standards
  • Offers faster and more powerful charging than before
  • Compatible with most Android and iOS devices
  • Features two upgraded USB-C PD ports
  • Not powerful enough to power devices like the MacBook Pro 16

Chargers don’t have to be big, bulky, and they don’t need to have a lot of ports if you actually don’t need them at all.

Additionally, if you’re an iOS user you probably want something that puts more emphasys on design, and that’s precisely the description of the Satechi 108W Pro.

This charger will fill out the battery of your device in no time while still maintaining all major quality and safety regulations.

Multi-USB charging station

  • The portable charging also works with cameras, headsets, speakers, drones, and Kindle
  • It’s a great multiple USB charger compatible with most Android and iOS devices
  • Compact design, detachable USB charger cable with multi-port for travel
  • Quickly detects and displays the current and voltage of different ports
  • Supports 8 Ports Charging to charge 8 devices at high speed
  • May stutter when charging too many devices at a time

When charging multiple devices using the same hub, it is a good idea to know how each device is doing, and that will be extremely easy to do with the Multi-USB charging station.

Not only does it have 8 high-speed ports to charge up 8 different devices at a time, but it also has a small LCD screen that shows you the voltage of each port.

This allows you to better monitor the activity of each device, and quickly detach any that doesn’t work appropriately.

Anker 40W charging hub

  • PowerIQ and VoltageBoost combine to provide the fastest possible charge
  • Five ports pump out 40 watts of power
  • Rated DOE Level 6 for energy efficiency
  • Features Anker's MultiProtect safety system and UL certification
  • Worldwide 100-240 volt AC input voltage
  • Prone to voltage fluctuations

This charging station can charge up to 5 devices simultaneously and features 1 USB-C port and 4 USB ports. Thanks to the fast-charging PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies used in USB ports, the charging speed is maximized up to 8 amps, or 2.4 amps per port.

This model is the first Anker product with full USB-C compatibility, allowing users to charge USB-C devices at a full 3-amp rate.

Thanks to the multi-security system, surge protection, short circuit prevention, and more advanced safety features, your USB-C devices are fully protected.

AUKEY charging station

  • Built-in safeguards against excessive current, overheating and overcharging
  • Charge compatible devices up to 4 times faster than conventional charging
  • Plug everything in at once and charge simultaneously at full speed
  • Adaptively charge all 5V USB-powered devices
  • Prone to fluctuations

Thanks to the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Technology, this device can charge compatible devices up to 4 times faster. It is compatible with all USB and USB-C powered gadgets.

The built-in safeguards protect your devices against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging issues.

The AUKEY USB/ USB-C Charging Station also comes with one USB-C cable and one USB cable. The USB-C cable is 3.3 feet in length with a clip-on plastic closure. It is much thicker than the regular USB-C charging cables, which means it’s less liable to break when bent.

The charging station itself is 5.7 x 5.6 x 1.5 inches in size and its excellent design allows users to place it on all sides without any problem.

WirelessFinest desktop hub wall charger

  • Large LCD Display displays real-time current, voltage, battery level, and charging process
  • Offers the latest and fastest charging speed
  • Charge up to 8 devices simultaneously
  • 18 months replacement warranty,
  • Built-in smart protection system
  • Sensitive to physical damage

this powerful charging station combines the features of several other entries, having both an LCD display that shows you the various parameters of each port.

Additionally, this can prove useful in the end given that the device has 8 ports, so knowing how each is behaving is crucial.

Besides, it can host a variety of devices thanks to the Fast-Charge port, the Type-C port, and the regular USB ports.

The USB-C charging stations listed above offer a series of common features such as USB and USB-C support, protection against power surges and fast charging speeds. When deciding which device to buy, take also into consideration the number of devices you usually charge simultaneously.

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