5 virtual piano keyboards you can play online

by Matthew Adams
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Virtual Piano

Do you love playing the piano? If that’s so, you don’t need a piano to play your favorite compositions! In fact, you don’t even need any piano software for Windows. All that’s required is a browser with an update Adobe Flash plug-in. Then you can play virtual piano keyboards online with your keyboard or mouse at these websites.

Virtual Piano

First, check out the Virtual Piano website that includes an expansive piano that fills most of your browser’s window. That’s one of the largest virtual pianos which includes more key notes than most of the other alternatives. The piano has some handy extra options such as Key Assist that highlights all the corresponding keyboard buttons on the piano. In addition, you can press Change Styles to select alternative piano colors.

The website also includes an extensive collection of music sheets. You can open music sheets in Song From Movies, Songs From TV, Songs From the Stage and Songs From Games categories. Another good thing about this site is that you can play a variety of virtual piano videos or even add your own recorded clips to it. So this is certainly a virtual piano keyboard you should check out.

Online Pianist

Online Pianist is a website that includes a virtual piano, piano sheets and extensive tutorials. Click here to open the site’s virtual piano that you can play with both keyboard keys and mouse. That keyboard includes a couple of options to display piano and corresponding keyboard keys, but has relatively few customization settings.

However, the site has a great selection of piano sheets from notable composers in various genres for you to playback in its animated tutorials. These are mostly locked without a registered Online Pianist account, but you can still play a few of the compositions without signing in. The tutorials have a few alternative display modes and show you all the piano keys pressed, finger positions and letter notes during the songs’ playback.

The Method Behind the Music

The Method Behind the Music website has a virtual piano you can play at this page. The Flash piano on the site is a little small as it only includes 32 key notes, while most modern pianos have more like 88. Nevertheless, you can still play some tunes with it; and the Flash piano page also includes a handy option that opens the virtual piano in a separate window so you can browse the rest of the site and play it. The website also includes some informative pages that explore music theory and history.

Zebra Keys

Zebra Keys is a piano tutorial site that includes a small virtual keyboard on this web page to play chords and melodies with. This keyboard is limited to 24 keys, so it’s probably better for beginner songs. Aside from the virtual keyboard, the website includes more than 50 free piano lessons that incorporate flash visual animations and video tutorials. Zebra Keys also has some sheet music you can download in PDF format.


ButtonBass is a great musical website that has a variety of virtual keyboards. This website includes 12 different types of virtual pianos, such Trap, Jungle, ATL, Buttonbass, 8 Bit and Player Piano. Each piano has customizable controls for musical effects, and you can adjust the volume levels for every key. The pianos even include microphone options to record some lyrics for songs. In addition, you can also select to display various songs to play on the virtual piano keyboard.

This site isn’t limited to virtual piano keyboards either as it includes guitars, cubes, drums and mixers. Many of the instrument widgets on this website are also available for download. Unlike some of the other sites here, ButtonBass doesn’t provide any instrument tutorials; but its virtual pianos have the most extensive options.

So those are five sites that include virtual piano keyboards to play your favorite songs with. Even if you’ve hardly played the piano before, some of the websites have extensive piano tutorials and some classic compositions for you to playback in browser.