Visual Studio 15 preview 2 is now available for download

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Microsoft recently released Visual Studio 15 preview 2 — not to be confused with Visual Studio 2015, software that was released back in 2015. (Microsoft is still a bit weird with the names and it appears this habit won’t end anytime soon.)

This preview is only for developers, with Microsoft making it clear that it is only for testing purposes. Bear in mind that there are bugs, so do not use it on your main machine because it could hamper your work.

The following is what Microsoft had to say about the new Visual Studio 15 preview:

This preview like the previous one, lays groundwork for the next version of Visual Studio. We primarily focused on bug fixes and a few feature updates. New features include; making the account settings dialog more accessible to screen readers, diagnostics improvements to help track down focus related issues, Edit and Continue for XAML apps, and simplified debug configuration in Folder view. Preview 2 also includes the latest Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova Update 9 which supports Cordova 6.1.1.

Director of Program Management for Visual Studio, John Montgomery, also talked about the new development on his blog, but mainly on a specific issue:

There is one breaking change I want to call out. The change is in how Visual Studio consumes templates and requires that you define templates in template manifest files. This change will not impact anyone in this release, but it is a heads up that templates not defined in template manifest files will stop working in the next Visual Studio “15” release. This change will only impact anyone who authors Visual Studio project templates

The software giant has documented all known issues facing the software right now, so if you’re hoping to give it a spin, jump in. Check this MSDN link to learn more about Visual Studio 15. As for how to get access to Visual Studio 15, just visit this page.



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