How to schedule themes in Vivaldi browser [BONUS TIP]

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Despite being just a few months old, Vivaldi has already become a synonym for browser customization. Vivaldi offers a ton of flexible customization options, along with a lot of powerful features, and the browser now became even more versatile with latest updates.

Starting from version 1.4, you can use the theme scheduling feature, to make your browser change your favorite themes, according to your needs. Theme scheduling is exactly what it sounds like, it allows you to choose a few themes for your browser, and they’ll automatically change at the time you’ve set.

“Joining our myriad of features and functionality, theme scheduling gives you the power to set your favorite theme to your preferred time as no other browser has ever done. After enabling a Theme in the Settings, you can set its scheduling.”

You basically can switch a theme whenever you want, to match your current mood or time of a day. So, for example, while you’re at work, you can set a bright theme, while you can choose a dark theme when browsing the internet at home, with lights off.

How to set up theme scheduling in Vivaldi browser

Theme scheduling in Vivaldi is quite simple, as the browser features a special timeline slider, where you can easily manage your scheduled themes.

To schedule two or more themes in Vivaldi, do the following:

  1. Open the browser, and go to Settings (a small gear icon in the lower left part of the window)
  2. Go to the Themes tab
  3. Now, choose two or more themes you want to schedule, and simply set a preferred time for each theme on the timelinevivaldi-schedule-theme
  4. Save changes

There you go, once you schedule your themes, the browser will automatically switch from one to another when the time comes. You can choose between various themes, like Light, Subtle, Redmond, Dark, Human, Olive, and more. So basically, there’s a theme for everyone’s taste.

What do you think about Vivaldi’s features and versatility? Have you ever used this browser as your main daily engine for surfing the internet? Tell us in the comments below.

Looking for a fully customizable browser? Install UR Browser

Vivaldi browser has a lot of users who deem it, due to its great UI design and low resource usage, better than Chrome or Firefox.

However, what if we told you there’s a browser with a variety of customization options that’s also safer and tends to your privacy more than any other browser?

We’re talking about UR Browser, of course.

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UR Browser is another in the list of many Chromium-based browsers. This allows for installation of all customization-related add-ons you can find in the Chrome Web Store.

But, even without extensions, it still comes with a large library of themes, HD or Parallax wallpapers. This allows you to personalize it to your liking.

Choose one of the dozens of themes and select color palette or upload wallpaper of your choice.

You can choose between various color sets, to go along with the background of choice. There’s literary no part of the user’s interface you can’t change in UR Browser.

Give it a try and enjoy the variety of personalization options UR Browser offers.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in September 2016 and has been since completely revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.