Vivaldi browser for Windows 10 brings back the old Opera

By: Vamien McKalin
2 minute read

The Vivaldi web browser has finally exited its beta phase and now sports a stable version number of 1.0. Many of us here at Windows Report have been following the progress of this web browser ever since it was announced, so we’re happy to see it reach this point. And ever since the stable version was made available, we’ve been using it nonstop to see if it’s worth your time.

What’s the verdict?

Well, yes, it is worth your time — especially if you’re a remnant from the old Opera days. This web browser is smooth and fast, which shouldn’t be surprising because it relies on Google Chrome’s rendering engine, the very same engine that powers the new version of the Opera web browser. But unlike Opera, the boys at Vivaldi have not shied away from adding several advanced features to their web browser. The ability to customize Vivaldi in a multitude of ways is one of the reasons why old Opera fans are adopting this new browser: to regain a feeling of an experience lost to the annals of old technology.

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Here are all the key features offered by Vivaldi:

  • Tab Stacks
  • Tab Stack Tiling
  • Sessions
  • Notes
  • Quick commands
  • Mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts
  • Speed Dial
  • Better bookmarks
  • Web Panels

When compared to the likes of Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome and Firefox, how does Vivaldi compare?

Vivaldi in its current form feels great and never fails to render pages correctly. On the Windows 10 platform, we find that sometimes it would take a long time before it would recognize that the user had entered a URL. This tended to happen with Google Chrome and Opera at times, but seeing as all three are based on the same rendering engine, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

We ran some HTML5 tests and Vivaldi came in third, with Chrome at the top and Opera a close second. Firefox came in at fourth with Edge fighting its way up from the bottom of the pile.

Overall, Vivaldi has quickly transformed into a web browser anyone can use. In our minds, this is what the new Opera should have been instead of the watered down mess it is now.

If you’re a person who misses the old Opera, then this web browser is for you. The majority of its cool features are here and we’re certain the team will now focus on adding missing elements in future updates.

Download Vivaldi via its official website right here.

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