VLC media player UWP app coming to Windows 10

by Radu Tyrsina
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The developers of the VLC app for Windows Store promised in the past to create a Universal Windows Platform version sooner rather than later. Now, the app is finally available for fans to grab.

Thomas Nigro, the programmer working on the app, released a video on Twitter of a work in progress version of the UWP VLC app for Windows 10. It shows off the picture-in-picture features, something the current version lacks.

From the video, we have to say that the picture-in-picture mode looks wonderful and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Hopefully, it doesn’t require too much processing power to work smoothly.

When will this new VLC app be available for mass consumption?

Nigro wrote in a blog post detailing several things folks should know. First off, the app will be fully released for Windows 10 and mobile come May 2016. However, it appears as if some features won’t be added to the mobile version right away due to lack of important APIs. Nigro said fans should expect to see these features after the Redstone update in 2017.

Redstone only, TH2 will probably not be supported. This is because of technical limitations around Background audio APIs, and bad drivers on the phones not receiving the RS1 bits, says Nigro.

How about VLC for the Xbox One and HoloLens?

According to Nigro, the team has been working on the Xbox One version of the app for quite some time. The reason for the long wait is also due to a lack of relevant APIs, but this has since changed. In terms of HoloLens, he said once the team gets its hands on the hardware and SDK, work will begin on a port.

A list features coming to the new VLC app for Windows 10 and mobile:

  • Updated UI to match the Windows 10 style
  • Choose your own accent color : VLC color or Windows chosen accent-color
  • Dark or light theme following your Windows (on Anniversary update) global settings
  • Windows 10 live tiles and notifications
  • Drag and drop a file in the app
  • Continuum support.
    • Basic Continuum scenarios : docking
    • Hybrid scenarios : control VLC running on your XBOX from your W10 mobile phone.
  • Cortana (experimental)
    • Search in the library
    • Control the playback
    • Playlist creation
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