Best VMware deals [2020 Guide]

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
CEO & Founder
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VMware deals

VMware is one of the leading providers of cloud computing and virtualization software and services.

While their products aren’t exactly aimed at a wider audience, those that do make use of their services are very pleased.

One of the current highlights of VMware is that the software it provides can completely virtualize hardware. These virtual devices include video adapters, network adapters, and hard disk adapters.

Because of this, VMware virtual machines are incredibly portable between computers.

One good example of how useful their virtual machines can be is that, in practice, a system administrator can pause operations on a virtual machine guest at any time.

He can then move or copy that guest to another physical computer, and there resume the execution.

VMware Black Friday offers

Take advantage of these awesome Black Friday offers and purchase licenses, upgrades, and courses for an amazing price tag. Hurry up, the offer is valid only until December 1.

  • Fusion Pro & Workstation (New Licenses) : Pay only 115,02 € down from 176,95 €. Get it now!
  • Fusion Pro & Workstation (Upgrades): Pay only 92,37 € down from 131,95 €. Get it now!
  • Fusion & Player (New Licenses) : Pay only 62,26 € down from 88,95 €. Get it now!
  • Fusion & Player (Upgrades) : Pay only 43,96 € € down from 54,94 €. Get it now!
  • Select Training and Certification courses: Pay only 770,29 € down from 1027,05 €.  Get it now!

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