Best vocoder software for Windows PCs [2020 Guide]

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Musicians are always looking for innovative ways to explore musical possibilities. These include new techniques to improve the flexibility and fidelity of the music and add new effects. Among these new effects that one can use is a vocoder.

This is often confused with a talkbox, but it’s actually a device where you sing into the microphone and can translate the tone of your voice to an instrument which is usually a keyboard.

The primary options that you have available with vocoders are the keyboard, plug-ins used with midi controllers. We picked up five of the best vocoder software on the market so make sure to check out their sets of features in order to make the best decision.

Best vocoder tools to play with the range of the human voice



Vocoders have gotten lots of attention lately, and even if most people talk about using autotune, vocoders have been doing similar effects. With Morphoder, you can take the original Vocoder synthesizer to a new level.

Morphoder allows you to combine various audio signals in order to create unique wild sounds that have never been heard before. You will be able to obtain some really unmatched definition and clarity.

Take a look at more interesting features that you will be able to enjoy if you choose Morphoder:

  • This is an eight-voice stereo synthesizer.
  • It comes with format control.
  • The Morphoder is a modulator with Linear Phase EQ.
  • You will also get to use MIDI controls.
  • This is an excellent vocoder that is easy to use even for musicians who are not extremely advanced.
  • Morphoder is the ideal tool for those who are interested in getting an in-depth vocoder plug-in.
  • It comes with lots of parameters that make sure that you will have complete control over your sound.
  • With Morphoder, it will be easy to get the pitches that you want.

You can check out more features and functionalities of this tool be heading over to Morphoder’s official website.


Robotronic By Sugar Bytes

Robotronic By Sugar Bytes is an excellent sounding and effortless to use vocoder that is able to process both mono and stereo input signals. It includes a sampler and a synthesizer, and it comes with a lot of useful features.

That a look at the most important ones below:

  • Among its features, there are two amazing ones called Frequency Focusing and Formant Shifting.
  • You will also be able to enjoy mono signals that can be vocoded with each other.
  • Robotronic By Sugar Bytes includes an integrated sampler that can be used as a modulator.
  • There is also an internal synthesizer that can be used as a mono carrier for mono and stereo inputs and sample player.
  • Both audio inputs come with complete channel strip with Compressor, Gate and gain stage.
  • It’s also important to note that on the outputs, you will be able to enjoy three-band EQ, Compressor and a multi-effects unit with four signal-pimpers.

Download Robotronic By Sugar Bytes, and you will get the chance to try out even more exciting functionalities that come packed in this tool.


Matrix 2 By Virsyn

This is a follow-up version to a previous variant of the tool that has been created by Virsyn. The new tool comes with a redesigned interface, and it’s now available for Windows as well.

Take a look at the most interesting features and functionalities that are included in Matrix 2 By Virsyn:

  • In a unique filter bank, there is a spectral analysis that is performed, and signals are developed.
  • The output section of the vocoder consists of a stereophonic synthesis filter bank that assembles the brand new synthetic speech.
  • The Matrix 2 By Virsyn features a second Tone generator for enhanced speech intelligibility.
  • You will also be able to enjoy an LFO for vibrato generation with an optional mod wheel control.
  • There is an improved pitch follower from version 1 of this tool.
  • There are also two new filters included and additional presets.
  • The Matrix 2 By Virsyn comes with an internal noise generator for whisper effects.
  • Some present examples include the following: synth voice, ensemble, drums, stereo, gender, krass and more.

You can find out more details on Matrix 2 By Virsyn’s features be heading over to its official website and taking a look around.


Vocalizer By Sonivox

Vocalizer By Sonivox is both a processor and an instrument. It includes four spectral synthesis modules that can be routed into each other in various ways.

Check out more key features that are included in this tool:

  • Vocalizer By Sonivox offers a revolutionary MIDI-controlled audio effect.
  • Using this tool, you will be able to enjoy unparalleled vocoding, signal processing, and re-synthesis.
  • The expanded controls include FFT audio processing suite.
  • Other exciting features include the following: formant, pitch shift, improved frequency control and spreading.
  • There are two rows of performance pads that extend live performance control and playability.
  • Vocalizer By Sonivox also includes VST, AU, AAX Support and RTAS.
  • This is a unique MIDI-controlled effect processor that is able to transform any audio track, audio source or the output from any VI in your DAW host into a great musical instrument.
  • The advanced formant shifting will make things pop.
  • There are also over 16 filter configurations and 16 spectral synthesis types included in this tool.

Vocalizer By Sonivox is the ultimate instrument expansion tool that offers endless sound-sculpting possibilities. This tool is ready to harmonize, modify, enhance, fortify and re-synthesize any instrument or sound. You can find out more details about the features packed in Vocalizer By Sonivox by visiting the tool’s official website.


Vocodex by Image-Line

Vocodex by Image-Line is one of the most potent plug-ins in term of features, and it also has an excellent reputation for the fantastic quality of sound that you can get out of it.

Take a look at the most important functionalities that are packed in this excellent tool:

  • There is a speech enhancement contouring of noise or modulator pass-through.
  • The modulator noise reduction will reduce ambient noise bleeding through the carrier.
  • Vocodex by Image-Line also includes reverb and voice doubling capabilities.
  • The built-in soundgoodizer is excellent for limiting and warm output.
  • There are up to 100 bands that are individually locatable anywhere in the spectrum.
  • The built-in carrier synthesizer is powered by Sytrus.
  • The ban unison will create a fat sound.

This tool is also compatible with Windows, and you will need a DirectSound or ASIO compatible soundcard in order for it to work flawlessly. You can check out more features and functionalities that are packed into this tool to see if it is suitable for your needs.

All you have to do is head over to Vocodex’s official website.

These are out five picks for the best vocoder software that you can currently find on the market. They all include unique sets of features and functionalities. We recommend that you check out most of them before making the final decision just to be entirely sure that you pick the perfect tool for your needs and skills.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.