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By: Daniel Segun
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Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third installment game of the Dragon Age series which was released in 2014. The game involves players choosing a player character known as inquisitor through a quest to close a mysterious hole in the sky known as the “Breach”. The role-playing action game was developed by BioWare Edmonton and released by E.A games.

At the start of the game you choose from various races as your inquisitor character; this includes: Human, Elf, Dwarf, and Qunari. There are also three classes you have to select from warrior, mage, and rogue with each class having special abilities and weakness.

The game is critically acclaimed by millions of gamers worldwide. The windows version has an open world multiplayer which is accessed by hundreds of thousands of gamers daily. This could make some players experience connection problems which could cause gameplay performance problems.

Hence, the use of VPN would reduce the connection problems and keep your connection to the game servers secured and reliable. This post highlights five of the best VPN programs that are perfect for Dragon of Age: Inquisition gaming with their major features to help guide you in picking the right one for your gaming needs.

5 of the best VPNs for Dragon Age: Inquisition


CyberGhost (recommended)


CyberGhost is an all-round VPN which has lots of features that makes it the best VPN for Dragon Age: Inquisition. CyberGhost offers full VPN service for the variety of purposes. The Israeli based VPN offers over 1000 servers across 50 locations in over 40 countries.

In addition, CyberGhost is one of the best VPN available for playing games online and secure web browsing. This VPN service provider also gives a strong performance as their servers have fast speed and reliable connection which makes it a must-have for online gaming and streaming.

Moreover, there is the free version of the VPN but it comes with limited features and annoying pop-up ads. To enjoy the full capabilities of CyberGhost, you’ll need to upgrade to premium which cost $44.99 for a single device and $70 per year for up to five simultaneous connections. This makes it one of the expensive options but it gives good value for money.


NordVPN (suggested)

vpn for dragon age inquisitionNordVPN may not offer the fastest VPN speeds but its secured connection and friendly interface makes it a must-have.  The Panama based VPN is known for having one of the most secure connections which bypass many geolocation blocks and firewalls.

In addition, NordVPN is a good choice of VPN for Dragon Age in regions where internet use is highly curtailed by the government. The VPN offers 3000 servers across 70 locations in over 50 countries; this gives gamers diverse options to connect to the game servers.

Also, the VPN can also allow up to six simultaneous connections on a single connection and is secured by 256-bit encryption which keeps your data secured and private.

However, in order to use the NordVPN costs $5.75 per month which is billed annually and allows for up to six devices connected simultaneously.



vpn for diablo 3 2PureVPN places more emphasis on performance and is one of the reliable VPN service available with secured connections.  The Hong Kong based VPN offers over 500 servers in a staggering 141 countries worldwide. This enables gamers access the servers anywhere in the world, the VPN also supports up to five simultaneous devices which makes it handy for home devices.

When it comes to gaming speed is king, PureVPN does not disappoint and hold some of the fastest server speeds recorded in VPN tests. You also get secure encryption of your information and kill switch option which keeps you safe from hacks.

PureVPN subscription comes in various packages with the cheapest coming at $2.95 billed biannually, while the yearly subscription cost $10.95 billed monthly.

Download PureVPN



vpn for diablo 3 2VyprVPN is geared toward maximum speed as they own the fastest servers which make it a popular choice among heavy internet users, and most especially Dragon Age: Inquisition game players. Also, VyprVPN offers secured connection for your browsers and keeps your information safe.

Dragon Age gamers would relish the speed of VyprVPN servers as using this VPN is highly recommended for gamers in locations with poor internet connection speeds. It also has an intuitive and user-friendly interface which allows for connection to the fastest connection close to you with one click.

However, VyprVPN offers both basic and premium subscription service, with the basic $5 billed annually and the premium costs $6.67 billed annually.

Download VyprVPN



vpn for diablo 3 2This highly rated best VPN for Dragon Age: Inquisition offers a blend of performance and security with a nice user-friendly interface. ExpressVPN offers over 2000 servers in 148 locations in over 90 countries worldwide, with unlimited bandwidth.

Gamers are assured of reliability when connected to Dragon Age servers with your connections rerouted through ExpressVPN servers; this keeps your connection safe while maintaining fast server speeds.  ExpressVPN adheres to a no-log policy and has other advanced security features like the kill switch and DNS leak protection which enables for safe gaming.

To enjoy the full benefits of ExpressVPN comes at a monthly cost of $8.32 billed annually and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Download ExpressVPN

We hope this list makes it easier for you to choose the best VPN for Dragon Age: Inquisition to meet your online gaming needs. Feel free to share with us your experience in using any of the VPN service providers we mentioned above by commenting below.



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