7 best VPNs for playing FIFA 2018/ FIFA 19 on PC

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FIFA is the most popular soccer video game developed by EA games. The game makes use of a realistic effect to produce brilliant gameplay. EA games release new editions every year and with over 100 million copies sold, FIFA is the highest selling soccer game in the world. The game is produced in various variations with gamers choosing the version that matches their regions.

The most popular feature of the game is the FIFA Ultimate Team, where players compete against each other for ranking positions and prizes. The FIFA Ultimate Team has over 5 million online players and there could be problems connecting to servers and lagging of servers when playing.

However, this is where VPNs come into play; VPNs help players to increase internet speed and bypass FIFA Origin servers by changing your system IP address to the desired address.

Play FIFA 2018/ FIFA 2019 using these VPN tools


CyberGhost (recommended)


vpn for fifaCyberGhost comes with over 750 servers worldwide in over 70 countries and offers an effective option of VPN. The VPN is easy to use to bypass the servers of Origin and is ideal for FIFA 2018/ FIFA 19 players worldwide.

The software employs a 256-AES bit encryption technology with no bandwidth limit and zero logs activity. This keeps your information safe as the IP address that will be displayed online is the VPN generated IP address. This is good for regions which are hit with geo-restricted bans.

CyberGhost gives a 30-day money back guarantee on their VPN, which is more than enough time to test the VPN and ascertain if it’s ideal for your needs.

Why choose CyberGhost?
cyberghost vpn for windows logo
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Over 3000 servers worldwide
  • Great price plan
  • Excellent support

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NordVPN (recommended)


vpn for fifaThis VPN is one of the cheapest VPNs available and is widely used worldwide. NordVPN allows users to have 6 simultaneous connections and is cross-platform compatible with various devices.

NordVPN has servers in over 50 countries which users can select from when accessing origin servers and has strong a 256 bit AES military grade encryption. Your information is kept safe with their no logs policy and is generally ideal for FIFA 2018/FIFA 19 players.

Furthermore, NordVPN is available to download and has a 30-day money back guarantee which gives ample time to test the VPN software to ascertain if it’s the right one for you.

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Hotspot Shield (suggested)


vpn for fifaHotspot Shield is one of the popular VPN service provider in the world with over 500 million downloads worldwide. Hotspot Shield is one of the best VPN for FIFA 2018/FIFA 2019.

In addition, Hotspot Shield enhances your web security by protecting your identity and encrypting your data. However, the Pro version gives you additional access to use server locations most especially in the US; hence, you need to acquire the premium version.

Furthermore, Hotspot Shield Pro version can be purchased at a premium price of 139.99 for a 2-year subscription price.

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vpn for fifaExpressVPN is one of the best VPN available which can help players get the best experience of FIFA Ultimate team and new releases.

To get the best editions of FIFA you will need to access origin with a large number of servers. On using ExpressVPN to log in to Origin servers you first select the server location you desire, as ExpressVPN has servers in over 90 countries. This gives you an array of options to pick when searching for the best version of the game.

ExpressVPN also gives you speed and reliable server which is important for FIFA ultimate players from locations with poor internet connection as this allows for a better gaming experience. ExpressVPN has 30 days money back guarantee which is enough time to test their service.

Download ExpressVPN

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vpn for fifaBuffered VPN has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use. Buffered has fast speed and is good at keeping the identity of its users. This privacy is important as when you play Utimate Team with rivals or friends the chat feature of that mode isn’t encrypted and rivals could use this loophole to get the IP address of your system.

In addition, Buffered VPN also has DNS no leak and is encrypted using 256-AES bit encryption technology. There is also an open port detection feature which allows users to log onto public networks without being detected. Buffered VPN is ideal for players in countries with slow internet or lagging in connection. It also comes with 30-day money back guarantee.

Download Buffered VPN




vpn for fifaThis VPN was created by developers from China to enable users to access foreign websites that are restricted or banned in China. This VPN is more about securing your identity and IP address with the software able to cover all telltale signs of VPN procedures and encryption

One major restriction to this VPN is the availability of servers in just 11 countries, though some of these countries have servers where you can access FIFA 2018/FIFA 2019 Ultimate Team from and log in to Origin.

In addition, BolehVPN claims it uses VPN infrastructure uses Perfect Forward Secrecy and employs the latest hashing algorithm of SHA-2, a 256 bit AES military grade encryption and a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) build with a key size of 4096 bits to effectively secure your network from any attempts of intrusion. The software gives a free trial of 3 days after which you can decide to fully purchase the premium package.

Download BolehVPN

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vpn for fifaThis is one of the best VPN around for FIFA 18/FIFA 19 as it gives easy access to bypass Origin servers. This VPN gives many options with servers from over 55 countries and operates servers that are optimized for torrent downloads with peer to peer network features which are useful if you want to download heavy file updates from EA Games.

VPNArea also has a strong privacy policy with users information well secured from detection by ISPs, governments, and network administrators. It is also good for bypassing organizational fireworks like universities and educational institutions that ban access to gaming sites.

VPNArea allows 7 days money back guarantee although this is little compared to its rivals, the options make it a worthy VPN to have.

Download VPNArea

We hope this list makes it easier for you to choose the best VPN for playing FIFA 2018/FIFA 2019. Feel free to share with us your experience in using any of the VPN service providers we mentioned above by commenting below.

UPDATE: FIFA 19 is now available for download on Windows PCs. All the VPN solutions listed in this guide are compatible with both game versions. So, if you want to increase your internet connection speed and play on other FIFA Origin servers, then you can download and install one of the VPN tools listed in this article.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on April 19, 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.



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