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If you are a gamer who enjoys frequent matches on online multiplayer games, then I am sure you will understand the importance of low ping.

In fact, having a lower ping then your opponent can give you a competitive advantage, because the less ping you have the faster you see the response of your mouse or keyboard input on your display. Not to mention, low ping reduces lag, which results in a far smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

Even if you are not a gamer, low ping can be beneficial for you in helping increase download speeds among other things.

There are numerous factors that can affect your ping, such as physical distance from servers, quality of your internet, etc. Most of these factors cannot be changed easily, so many gamers turn to VPNs to solve their high ping problems.

Can VPN improve ping?

A VPN can certainly decrease the ping you have in your online games. Basically, VPN packets tend to take a more direct route, then your normal ISP packet. They take the “backbone” of the internet in order to get its destination. This means that you will have both a faster and smoother internet connection if you connect to the correct VPN server.

You can use the analogy of a car compared to a train to better understand how a VPN can reduce latency. The car represents your ISP. You might use your car to save money (don’t have to pay for a VPN service) to go from point A to point B. However, if you take a car, then you might run into traffic and overcrowding. You may even need to “reroute” if there is a car accident on the road.

On the other hand, if you use a train, which represents a VPN in this analogy, then you will have a trip from point A to point B that is free from traffic and rerouting. You will also be able to more accurately predict how long it will take for you to arrive at your destination if you use a train.

The same goes for a VPN, a good service should allow the information to flow more freely from your computer to the server of the game you are playing.

It goes without saying that some VPN services work better than others. So, I compiled a list of the top VPN services that are ideal for gamers.

4 best VPNs for low ping

1. CyberGhost (recommended)

Overall, CyberGhost is the best of the best, when it comes to VPN services. Their servers have great speed, high end encryption technologies, and ideal performance.

The company also offers various other features that aren’t commonly found in VPN providers. These extra features include antiviruses and advertisement blocking services. Not to mention, that CyberGhost offers free proxy services. They even have a free, but restricted edition for their VPN services.

There are only a few cons of CyberGhost. For one, it might be a little overwhelming for new users to navigate the somewhat crowded interface. They also do not have as many locations and servers as other big name companies out there.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a well rounded VPN provider that offers everything you need, then CyberGhost is for you.

Services cost $10.99 per month. However, if you get the one year plan, each month will only cost $2.75. Try it out now as this price will not last for too long.

Why choose CyberGhost?
cyberghost vpn for windows logo
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Over 3000 servers worldwide
  • Great price plan
  • Excellent support

2. MudFish

So MudFish is not exactly the most famous VPN provider. However, it certainly deserves a spot on this list, because it offers several unique features that are not usually found in other VPN providers.

The primary feature that is unique in MudFish is that instead of paying monthly or yearly fees like most other VPN providers, you can pay any amount you want. This is because you pay for a set amount of bandwidth. Furthermore, the pricing is very affordable. In fact, with just USD $2.99 you are given 27 GB worth of bandwidth.

For casual gamers, 27 GB is more than enough to get them through several months of online gaming. Even hardcore gamers will have difficulty depleting this amount of bandwidth within a month.

Another feature of MudFish is that it has great customer support. In fact, there is a chat box that you can use to directly contact someone on their team. A quick test showed that they replied within 24 hours to one of our questions.

Other than that, MudFish uses various optimization techniques to ensure that you have a constant stable and fast connection.

Perhaps, the only disadvantage of MudFish is that it might take a little research for beginners to get the settings properly configured.


OUTFOX is brought to you by the same founders of VyperVPN, arguably one of the best VPN providers available. VyperVPN is designed specifically for business and personal use, while OUTFOX is built for gaming.

This gaming VPN service reduces ping, prevents lag, and significantly increases speed by directing traffic through their gaming optimized networks.

The great thing about OUTFOX is that it is very easy to set up the VPN. In fact, you can let them automatically choose the fastest server for you. You can of course manually choose the server yourself.

They utilize various technologies that help determine the optimal connection possible by taking in account various factors like the user’s location, traffic conditions, location of game servers, etc.

If you are still unsure about OUTFOX, then you can always try out their 14 day free trial. Furthermore, if you have any further questions regarding their service, then you can always contact their support team that operates 24/7.

4. WTFast

WTFAst is one of the big names out there that has been around for awhile. In addition. they are partners with tech titans such as ASUS, MSI, and more. Apparently, quite a few professional gamers also recommend this product. You know a gaming VPN provider is doing something right, if they are affiliated with a lot of well known gaming-related companies.

However, despite being partners with the likes of ASUS and MSI, WTFast does not run as fast as OUTFOX. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a service that you know will be reliable, then WTFast is perfect for you.

Regular pricing starts at $9.99 per month, but gets cheaper the more months you buy at a time. There is also a free trial you can use to test the waters.

To use WTFast you will need to download a lightweight software and install it. Once you open the WTFast program it automatically connects you to the optimal WTFast VPN server. You of course have to have your online game up and running.


CyberGhost is certainly the best well-rounded VPN provider. It can certainly improve the ping in your online game, protect your online identity, and hide your browsing activity, among other things. Nevertheless, every VPN service mentioned in this article will certainly help improve gameplay and reduce ping.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2018 and has been since revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. We want to be sure that our list has the best products that will fit your needs.



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