Best webcam covers to protect your privacy [2020 Guide]

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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Almost every smart device has a built-in webcam, and many users are concerned that malicious users can use those built-in webcams to spy on them. To protect your privacy, you can always use a webcam cover sticker. In this article, we’ll show you the best webcam cover stickers for your devices.

What is the best webcam cover sticker for your device?


If you’re looking for a webcam cover sticker, you might want to consider stickers from CamJAMR. This company offers a wide range of designs, so you’ll definitely find one for you. To use a cover sticker, you just have to clean the area around your camera and place the cover sticker over it. It’s worth mentioning that every CamJAMR sticker has a small tab that is slightly lifted so you can easily remove the sticker if you need to use your camera.

Each pack comes with multiple stickers so you can easily cover a front camera on your phone, tablet or laptop. In addition, you can also cover your PC webcam with these covers. CamJAMR offers stickers in black or white color, so they’ll match perfectly with your phone.

CamJAMR stickers are simple to use and are perfect for any device. The stickers are completely reusable and you can even stick them back to the original pack if you don’t need them anymore. CamJAMR offers various designs and you can purchase any sticker pack for about $5 on Amazon.

C-Slide Webcam Cover

The C-Slide Webcam Cover is designed for laptops but you can also use it for smart TVs or other devices with a built-in camera. The cover is 1mm thin, so it will perfectly fit your laptop. As for its other dimensions, C-Slide is 1.5 inches in length and 0.5 inches in height. This cover has a sliding design to more easily cover your webcam without the need to completely remove the cover when you need to use the camera.

C-Slide uses double sided tape to easily adhere to any surface. The cover is made from high-grade plastic and thanks to its simple design, you won’t scratch your camera lens while using this cover.

The C-Slide Webcam Cover is a great camera cover for your laptop since you can block and unblock your camera without removing the cover. The cover is incredibly simple to use but you won’t be able to use it on mobile devices or tablets due to its size. If you’re interested in this camera cover, you can purchase it from Amazon for $5.95.

Sticky Wall

If you’re looking for a classic webcam sticker, you should consider Sticky Wall stickers. These stickers can work with wide range of devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs. All Sticky Wall stickers are safe for all devices and won’t leave any residue if you remove them.

A pack of stickers comes with 17 stickers in two sizes to cover any webcam. Stickers are available in solid black or solid white, but there are also many other designs available. Each sticker comes with a tab so you can easily remove it from the sticker pack or from your camera.

Sticky Wall covers are simple to use and they offer a decent choice when it comes to design. These covers are available for purchase from Etsy and a single pack of covers costs $4.99.


Your webcam can be hacked by a third-party, and if you’re concerned about your privacy you might want to consider CloakCAM covers. This cover is compact so it will work with almost any device, including your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

This cover has a built-in slider so you can easily cover your camera by moving the slider over it. If you need to use the camera, simply move the slider and use your camera without any issues. This method is perfect because it allows you to use your camera without removing the cover completely. The slider locks in place so it won’t ever slide open and reveal your camera by accident.

This cover is 1.3mm thick and comes with double sided 3M tape so you can easily attach it to any device. The CloakCAM cover is available in metallic or black, but there are also other colors available. This is a great camera cover because it can work with laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Unfortunately, this device can’t work with standard PC web cameras, so that might be a problem for some users. Despite this limitation, CloakCAM is a great device and you can purchase it from Etsy for $7.99.


Another webcam cover that we want to mention is safeTeye. These covers are fully compatible with laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and PCs. Each cover is made from impenetrable tough vinyl that will protect your privacy at all times. If you need to remove the cover, you can easily do that without leaving any residue.

All safeTeye covers are durable and suitable for outdoor use. Covers are scratch-resistant and waterproof, so they won’t be damaged easily. There are currently three models available: Carbon Fibre, Egyptian Gold and Jet Black. A new model called Ruby Red is in the works and we should see it soon.

A single pack contains 10 coversm, including five 8mm and five 10mm covers. These covers offer amazing design and are perfect for any type of device. You can order a single pack on Etsy for $5.33.

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