Best smart TV OS : AndroidTV vs WebOS

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  • Many users wonder whether Android or WebOS is better as a Smart TV OS.
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AndroidTV vs WebOS
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While buying a TV, consumers consider a lot of things. You need to know the TV size that is perfect for your living room, number of Input-Output ports, built-in memory etc. However, the most essential part of a smart TV is its OS.

There are multiple Smart TV OS to choose from including Tizen OS, AndroidTV, WebOS, Fire TV and Roku TV. That said, webOS and Android are the two most popular Smart TV OS in the market today.

If you are confused as to which smart TV is the best for your requirement, this is the comparison you need. In this AndroidTV vs webOS article, we have compared the two most popular TV OS to find the best of the lot.

webOS vs Android TV – which is better?

1. LG webOS

AndroidTV vs WebOS
LG’s webOS is a Linux based smart TV operating system that is usually shipped with the LG smart TVs. It comes pre-installed with the popular content streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

The USP of webOS has been its intuitive user interface. LG has been slowly refining the OS since 2014 supporting new web technologies as well as developing new apps.

webOS uses a launch bar to give access to all its properties and functionalities. Clicking on the launch bar gives you access to all the apps and settings. Users can also customize the launcher as per their need.

The operating system works with all the Bluetooth peripheral devices like your headphone, smartphone or even wireless speakers. For screen mirroring and content casting, webOS comes with Miracast support out of the box.

In addition, the users also get Live apps, OLED image gallery and 360-degree video playback support. LG’s voice integration is best in the business thanks to LGs own voice recognition software as well as Google Assistant support.

So, all is good with the WebOS? While there isn’t much to complain, compared to AndroidTV, WebOS’s apps gallery is not the best in the business and this where the AndroidTV shines.

2. Android TV

AndroidTV vs WebOS
AndroidTV is the most common Smart TV OS that you can find across brands. Most of the Chinese brands prefer to use AndroidTV for their smart TVs to offer the most value for money. Talking about the big brands, Sony is one of the premium brands that use AndroidTV OS for its Bravia lineup.

Depending on the TV manufacturer, your Smart TV experience will be different as most of the manufacturers tend to use their own skin on top of AndroidTV.

On the brighter side, AndroidTV comes with Chromecast support out of the box. You can stream contents from your Android phone or tablet with ease.

For voice command, AndroidTV with no surprises supports Google Voice Assistant. If you are buying Sony’s Android TV, you will get both Google Chromecast and Google Assistant out of the box.

AndroidTV can also help you to monitor other home devices such as Google Hello and other Internet of Things.

The biggest advantage of AndroidTV has to be its apps catalog. With direct access to Google Play service, the users can download and install all the mainstream apps and some games with ease.

What OS is best for you?

While both AndroidTV and webOS are great platforms for Smart TVs, WebOS offers the best user experience with support for major content streaming platforms as long as you are not looking for tons of apps and games.

AndroidTV, on the other hand, offers a lot of functionalities and recommended if you are a serious Google fan.

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