How Does Humble Bundle Work & Is it Worth It? [Review]

The Humble game bundles can be pretty attractive

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Key notes

  • Humble Bundle is an online service that offers great deals for games, software, books, audiobooks, and even comic books that you can keep forever.
  • For a monthly fee, you can have a Humble Choice subscription plan to access more cool stuff, including DRM-free content and discounts in the Humble Store.
Humble Bundle logo

Humble Bundle is an online platform where you can buy digital products such as games, software, books, audiobooks, and even comic books if you’re into that. There’s a huge collection of content you can explore, and all of it comes at great prices.

If you’re looking for a bargain, Humble Bundle could cover your needs in more than just one way:

  1. Wait for a cool bundle to appear.
  2. Take a look at the Humble Store (has major sales frequently).
  3. Purchase a Humble Choice subscription plan.

Initially, this service relied heavily on providing gamers with bargain deals, but not too long ago, it generously expanded the range of products it covers. Now you can get books, comic books, software apps, games, and even bundles that have a bit of each.

Is Humble Bundle legit?

It’s rare to stumble upon something as good as Humble Bundle and not raise an eyebrow. Humble Bundle is 100% legit and safe, I might add, as it works tightly with various publishers to get huge discounts on products that are bundled up and provided to you at a next-to-nothing price. There’s nothing fishy about it.

Humble Bundle has been around since November 24, 2010, so it has certainly passed the test of time. It also works with many charity organizations and has offered hundreds of bundles.

How does Humble Bundle work?

It’s quite simple. This platform collaborates with publishers to receive discounts for various games, books, software, comic books, and audiobooks, which are subsequently bundled up and brought to you. You decide how much you want to pay for the content, but there’s a catch.

Every bundle has several tiers (usually 3 is the magic number), and each can be unlocked for a price.

  1. The Pay What You Want tier can be unlocked by paying at least $1, but it will bring you the least amount of content
  2. The Beat the Average tier will bring you the first-tier content, along with additional items
  3. The highest tier unlocks everything in the bundle, and more often than not, it comes with bonus items
Payment Tiers in Humble Bundle

After deciding which bundle you’re willing to pay for, you can choose where your money goes. Remember earlier when we mentioned charity organizations? Here you can decide what percentage of your payment goes to charity, how much of it goes to developers, and the amount Humble Bundle gets from it.

Where your money goes Humble Bundle

If you’re among the top contributors, your name, Twitter account, or even a message will be included on a leaderboard. However, you can be humble and let your contribution be anonymous.

If you feel extra generous, you can purchase entire bundles as gifts. You have to select the appropriate option during the check-out and type the gift recipient’s email address. Humble Bundle lets you make the gift anonymous and even create a gift link if you don’t feel like using email.

Includes DRM-free content

Another fact worth mentioning is that Humble Bundle purchases usually include DRM-free content. This can mean games, ebooks, Android games, soundtracks, and even audiobooks.

To access it, you need to explore your library carefully. If this type of content is available, you’ll see it under the main title (e.g. you can find a game’s soundtrack next to its download button in your library).

Sometimes, you can even find multiple editions of the same game. For instance, Humble Bundle could allow you to redeem your game on Steam, but also throw in a download link for its DRM-free edition.

Supports multiple platforms

Regarding games, most bundles offer keys that you can use to redeem the content on the popular Steam platform. Although this might happen a lot, you need to pay attention, as sometimes Humble Bundle offers keys for Origin, uPlay, or even PlayStation.

Another thing you should know is that once in a blue moon, certain bundles might not be available for the region you’re currently residing in. For that reason, you might want to double-check if you’re eligible to use the bundles’ content before you jump head-first and buy them.

Is Humble Bundle worth it?

Is rain wet? From our standpoint, Humble Bundle is a gem, given that not only does it bring an outstanding variety of content to your virtual doorstep at a next-to-nothing price, but it also lets you feel better about yourself by giving you the chance to make generous donations.

If you take a bit of time to do a little research, you’ll understand why we’re absolutely hooked on this service (and why you’ll be joining us soon). In the Bundles section there’s an overview of bundles that are currently available.

Hover your mouse cursor over any of the bundles, check out their real value, and compare that to the price you can have them for. Now ask yourself: is Humble Bundle worth it? We’re sure you’ll find the right answer, too.

Humble Choice subscription

If we’re anything alike, you’ll be glad to know that Humble Bundle also lets you use a subscription-based service called Humble Choice. It brings you a variety of games each month and, depending on your subscription type, you could select some of them for keeps. Forever.

Once upon a time, it was called Humble Monthly and offered a monthly collection of games for only $12. You could keep all the games in the collection, and subscribers would even receive early access to some of the games.

However, Humble Monthly has been revamped and is now what we know as Humble Choice. Unlike its predecessor, Humble Choice offers three subscription types: Lite, Basic, and Premium. The plans are as follows:

  • Humble Choice Lite – $4.99 / month
    • Lets you access the Humble Trove
    • Grants you up to 10% off purchases you make in the Humble Store
  • Humble Choice Basic – $14.99 / month
    • Allows you to choose up to 3 games every month
    • Lets you access the Humble Trove
    • Grants you up to 10% off purchases you make in the Humble Store
  • Humble Choice Premium – $19.99 / month
    • Allows you to choose up to 9 games every month
    • Lets you access the Humble Trove
    • Grants you up to 20% off purchases you make in the Humble Store 

The Humble Trove and Humble Store

Now you may be wondering what the Trove is, considering that it’s included in all the subscription plans upstairs. It’s quite simple, actually: Humble Trove is a catalog that comprises more than 90 DRM-free games and Humble Originals.

Every month, Humble Bundle adds new titles to that catalog. The games within the Trove can be downloaded and played at any time, but there’s a catch: you must have an active Humble Choice subscription.

Now enter the Humble Store. Even if you’ve lost the opportunity to buy the perfect bundle or purchase a Choice subscription at the right time, there might still be hope.

The Humble Store is exactly what it sounds like a store where you can buy each title individually. As Murphy’s law dictates, it’s unlikely that you’ll find exactly the game you’re looking for at half-price.

However, if you’re patient enough, you can find a lot of sales and low-price opportunities in the Humble Store, as well. Subscribing to Humble Bundle’s newsletter can also help if you forget to check the website regularly.