WhatFontIs Review: What is it & how good is it?

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  • Using an identification service is a fundamental practice for finding the fonts you need these days.
  • WhatFontIs indexes a massive selection of fonts for every project and purpose you may have in mind.
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WhatFontIs complete review

To find the right fonts in your field of work isn’t always an easy task. However, you are no stranger to the fact that selecting the best typeface for text usage is an essential step in completing your project.

There seem to be endless choices for designers. You can go for conventional-looking, clean fonts or try out some exclusive, quirky ones.

In one case or another, you need the best service to help you surprise your clients and make their product stand out from the crowd.

Long story short, look no further since WhatFontIs is the only identification service that ticks all these boxes with ease.

What can WhatFontIs do for you?

find all about WhatFontIs

As the largest identification service in the world, WhatFontIs.com can make you forget all about being in the rather unpleasant position of asking your clients for the font source.

The same applies if you’re a casual user with a new design plan. See the process through the eyes of professionals and use WhatFontIs to quickly identify the fonts you need.

This service indexes 99% of the fonts from all sources, both free and commercial, identifying no less than 750k fonts with maximum accuracy.

Can I take advantage of WhatFontIs?

As stated above, WhatFontIs is a top recommendation for professional designers who often face all sorts of challenges.

If you’re one of them as well, there are times when the choice ends us being completely yours. In such a case, there are a few fonts that you know by heart and feel comfortable using.

However, it comes a day when leaving your comfort zone is required. You’ll need to find specific fonts that can have a professional impact on your designs.

No less important, you could be asked to identify a particular font that matches the creative vision of your client.

Things are no different for small printing shop owners. As you probably know it already, the client knows best.

How can you achieve your goal that when there’s no font source or name to start from or if you face a hard-drive failure and all sources are gone for good?

Finally, anyone can benefit from using WhatFontIs. You can design for different contexts of use: surprise your loved ones with unique messages on a t-shirt or make your kids proud of having an awesome mom.

You’re the only one who can help them win first place at the Science fair this year as well.

With a catalog of over 750k fonts to choose from, WhatFontIs turns into the winning ticket to find the one, if not the several, you’re looking for.

How do I use WhatFontIs?

  1. Firstly, register on WhatFontIs with Facebook or Google.
  2. You may now drag and drop the desired image here, upload a file containing a sample of the font, upload a simple screenshot, or upload the URL of the site using the font.drag and drop
  3. Highlight or draw a new crop box to select only the part of the image with the font you want to identify.
  4. You may now adapt the Contrast and Brightness to make the text more visible, use rotation to align it horizontally, and draw lines to split the letters, if necessary. Optimize
  5. Check every image on the right side in order to input the characters accordingly.
  6. Up next, you’ll get a generous list of the closest matching fonts to the one in your image in less than 10 seconds. Just pick out the best match in the results.font options

As you can see, WhatFontIs includes an intuitive website to search for typefaces. However, there’s also a Google Chrome browser extension that you can install in order to easily right-click on any image and send it to the identifying process.

This tool knows all about how time-consuming it can be to find high-quality fonts manually, so it literally does the searching in your place.

WhatFontIs Artificial Intelligence ready to identify any font

The search results are guaranteed by the Artificial Intelligence technology behind its system. That’s how the service successfully solves 90% of your font search request automatically.

The font finder algorithm has been trained to recognize fonts, even the cursive ones, so it doesn’t always have to find a direct match.

For the rest, you can simply request the help of a growing community united by the same design passion. There are over 20.000 cases solved up to date, so it’s not the best time to be shy!

Mastering typography shouldn’t cost a fortune

As you most likely know, licensing is often required to use certain fonts in a business environment. Those who devote their whole life to mastering typography are aware of the fact that only great font choices can make a project stand out.

What you’re about to find out about WhatFontIs may sound like music to your ears if you’re already determined to use a specific commercial font.

Whether it’s a gothic font, a hand-drawn one, an outline font, or a graffiti-related one, WhatFontIs developed a unique function that you should know more about.

This intuitive service can display 10 similar free fonts for every single commercial font. Isn’t it amazing to have such an opportunity?

Should I become a Premium WhatFontIs member?

WhatFontIs is free to use, so don’t hesitate to create a member account in order to get faster results and save a favorites list of popular fonts as a safety net to use when you’re on the go.

The Premium version is though far more appealing. For no more than $39.99 annually, you can access WhatFontIs ad-free, enjoy automatic character recognition, a 50% recurring discount to all subscriptions, as well as a custom preview text option.

The choice is all yours, even though it’s hard to resist the temptation of taking advantage of all these as soon as possible.

Get WhatFontIs

Bottom line, with WhatFontIs, you’ll be able to identify typefaces that you’ve seen elsewhere and need to use in your own projects.

Let us know in the comments area below if WhatFontIs helped you out in terms of efficiently creating stunning designs where fonts work together to create the desired visual impact.

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