Why you should install the new Microsoft PowerToys update now

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • The latest PowerToys update may be one of the least exciting for a while, with Microsoft only listing one fix.
  • While this could be a pretty unimportant release, it actually is, as it included an important security patch that affected the previous version.
  • Security updates of any kind are always recommended to offer you an extra layer of protection.
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PowerToys is an app that allows a user to tweak and customize Windows software for better performance.

While some may consider “tweaking” windows for higher performance to be unnecessary or even wrong, in many cases there are features that can be added to maximize efficiency and productivity.

In addition, Microsoft also added a new Always-on-Top feature to PowerToys that will boost productivity.

PowerToys latest version is available for download now, but don’t be fooled by the release number. It’s actually a minor update that rolls out without any new features or upgrades, but enables an important security patch for the previous release instead!

This should however not make it less important given the importance of security updates. After all, PowerToys introduced a new mouse function recently so when it comes to updates, it is definitely not lacking.

New security update

While you’re waiting for the next big Windows update to arrive with new features, a new update is now available for those who installed Microsoft’s PowerToys utility program.

Microsoft has now updated its PowerToys suite in an apparent attempt to add on some light security measures to every user’s system.

This is a patch release to fix issues in v0.55.1. due to an installer bug and .NET 5 doing an update for the runtime, We deemed (it) important for stability based on incoming rates.

PowerToys has been synonymous with tiny tools for Microsoft software users and the concept began as a way to rapidly iterate on small tools and other apps. 

Since its reboot in 2019, it has provided new tools and features regularly. The latest release is no different, with a feature you cannot afford to ignore.

The new version is already available for download on Microsoft Store so do not hesitate to keep your system protected.

Do you feel this feature is underwhelming and more updates should have been included? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.