Wi-Fi repeater won’t connect [QUICK FIX]

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by Milan Stanojevic
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Wi-Fi repeater won't connect

Some users have reported that their Wi-Fi repeater/extender won’t connect. There are cases in which your Wi-Fi Internet works without any issues until you’re trying to connect an extender. Then, your device tells you that it can’t connect to the network, or, in some cases, can’t connect at all.

For these reasons in this article, we will explore some of the best methods to deal with this issue, and be able to easily connect to your Wi-Fi network using the signal extender.

What to do if WiFi extender isn’t connecting to Internet?

1. Reset Wi-Fi extender/repeater

internet cable - Wifi repeater won't connect

  1. Depending on the brand your Wi-fi extender is, the exact location of the reset button will vary. It is usually found at the back of your extender. It can be a button that can be pressed by using a needle, or it could be a normal switch-type button.
  2. In order to reset your Wi-fi extender, please press/switch the reset button and wait for 10 seconds, then switch it back on, or release the button.
  3. This will reset all the previous settings and will allow you to modify them per your needs.

Did you know that you can turn your PC into a Wi-Fi extender? Here’s how!

2. Forget the network from your PC

  1. Click on Cortana search box -> type in Control Panel -> press Enter.
  2. Inside the Control Panel -> select Network and Sharing Center.Control panel Network and sharing - Wifi repeater won't connect
  3. Select Change adapter settings -> right-click on your Wi-fi repeater/extender -> Forget network.Change adapter settings - Wifi repeater won't connect
  4. After, right-click on the Wi-Fi repeater again, select Enable.
  5. Try to see if the issue is solved. If it is not, please follow the next method.

3. Check to see if your Wi-Fi repeater is on the same network

computer on desk - wifi repeater won't connect

  1. Check your router’s SSID and check to see if another similar network is available by using another device (phone, tablet, etc.).
  2. For example, if your router SSID is ‘TP-Link_Router‘, the default SSID for your extender would be ‘TP-Link_Router‘, or ‘Link_Router_EXT‘.
  3. To change these settings, you will need to access the IP address for router settings your internet provider gave you, by using your PC‘s browser.

Note: The IP for your router and extender will both vary from company to company. Check with your Internet provider for details.

In this article, we explored some of the best troubleshooting methods for dealing with the issue of your Wi-Fi repeater not being able to connect to the Internet.

Please feel free to let us know if this guide helped you solve your issue, by using the comment section below.


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