WindowBlinds for Windows 10 desktop lets you customize the taskbar, window frames and control buttons

by Ivan Jenic
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Stardock is famous for developing desktop customization tools for Windows various operating systems. Recently, the company unveiled its latest software: WindowBlinds 10, allowing you to customize your Windows 10 desktop however you’d like.

Customize your Desktop with WindowBlinds 10

WindowBlinds allows you to completely change the appearance of your Windows 10 desktop. You can add custom themes to the desktop to change the look completely, or you can change individual elements like the taskbar or the Start Menu. There’s also the option to change the desktop’s background, but this option is already available in Windows so that’s nothing innovative. But you do have far more functionality in changing the complete user experience of Windows 10 with this tool.

windowblinds 10 windows 10

Once you download the program, you’ll have access to a theme gallery with various options for decorating your user interface. WindowBlinds 10 is designed for Windows 10, but it works perfectly on older operating systems, as well.

“We do our best to keep up with new operating systems as they become available,” said Angela Marshall, Stardock COO and Vice President of Software. “We know our customers have been waiting for our products to integrate with Windows 10, and we are happy to do that with WindowBlinds while we continue to do the same for our other applications.”

Stardock already offers some great customization tools like Object Dock, Fences, or Start10, so you can also combine the functionality for a few of their offerings for a completely unique desktop and user experience.

Stardock is mainly focused on useful tools for Windows operating systems, but its CEO Brad Wardell recently revealed that the company also wants to make some radical changes in the graphics card industry by introducing a solution for running two different GPUs on one computer.

WindowBlinds is available to purchase for $9.99, but you can also try a 30-day free trial to see if you like it before buying. You can download/purchase the tool from this link.

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