Microsoft Tests New Windows 10 11097 Redstone Build Internally

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Microsoft released a very first Redstone build last month, and the company recently announced that we’ll see more Redstone builds for Windows 10 Preview in the coming weeks. It looks like Microsoft will keep its promise, as head of Insider Program, Gabe Aul confirmed on Twitter that the developing team is currently testing the new build internally, and it will be available to Insiders soon.

When asked on Twitter about the new build, Aul responded: “I’m running 11097 on my PC right now.” Which means that the new build, labeled as 11097 will be ready for wide use, once all the bugs are removed. This is going to be a second Windows 10 build under the Redstone tag, a second major update for Windows 10, which should arrive in two waves, with first being released in June, and the second in October 2016, but these dates aren’t official, so changes are possible.

Still no Major Changes in Sight

Besides asking about the new build, the same user asked Aul if there will be any noticeable changes in the next Redstone build, and Gabe responded negatively.

“It’s still early in development, so mostly underlying structural stuff still, not UX”

As a reminder, previous Redstone build also brought no changes to the system (it caused some problems, however). But we shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that there are no new features and improvements yet, because Redstone is still in its earliest development phase, and new features and other changes will surely arrive in the coming months.

Although we have no official confirmation, there are some features that are rumored to come with Windows 10 Redstone update, like extensions support for Microsoft Edge, improved Cortana options, notifications hub in Windows 10, and more.

It is good to know that the new Windows 10 Redstone build is coming soon, and it will possibly be released to both Windows 10 PCs and Mobile devices.


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