Windows 10 Anniversary Update causes Start Menu problems

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The release of the Anniversary Update has caused some issues that major updates usually create for Windows 10 users. We already wrote problems with Cortana along with screen flicker, but now we reports of various Start Menu problems caused by the second major update for Windows 10 have surfaced.

Users all over the web are experiencing various issues related to the Start Menu, with some people not being able to open the Start Menu at all while others are encountering absent Start Menu apps and icons.

A solution for these Start Menu problems is still unknown and we can’t tell you exactly what to do since the cause is different for most users. However, we can recommend you check out our article about Start Menu issues in previous versions of Windows 10 where you might find a solution that could work in the Anniversary Update as well.

Microsoft is actually aware of the situation and with a high number of complaints, this issue is impossible to ignore. The company originally advised users to perform some basic troubleshooting, like running an SFC scanner or performing a clean boot, but as expected, these solutions weren’t helpful to most.

Because Start Menu issues are a serious problem for users who encountered them, Microsoft is promising a new patch that will allegedly solve the majority of Start Menu problems reported by users.

It’s been almost a week since Microsoft promised an fix for Start Menu issues, but it still hasn’t been released. The only thing users can do after trying other possible solution is to wait for Microsoft to finally release a fix. Or, if the issue is too serious, roll back to a previous version of Windows 10 until Microsoft solves the problem.

What’s your experience with the Anniversary Update so far? Is the Start Menu working properly for you, or are you also facing these problems? Tell us in the comments below!


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I rolled back to the earlier version. The strange thing was that if I started up my computer in a second, non-domain based account, it would work. But not with my primary domain-based account.

my start up apps are gone and my desktop pic is gone, my photos are i know not where i rolled back last time and my pc was good again, now the anniversary update has broken my pc again in the exact same way, it is about time it was fixed

Start menu as well as my hidden icons in the Taskbar do not respond as they should. When I left click the start menu I quickly get the newer Start profile, but when I right click all I get is a blank transparent screen for several seconds until the various Windows Apps are displayed or they do not display at all. Pretty much the same issue when I left click the “Hidden Icons” arrow on my Task Bar, I am greeted with the same transparent window and the icons may or may not eventually be displayed. When trying to open various apps, the response is noticeably slower.

I have installed the Anniversary Update via Windows Update, forced early release update, and finally with Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool. Every approach brought me the same issues. Have rolled back every one to my previous release but now that they have limited the time one can do that rollback successfully, it will be quite some time before I ever again try to install the Anniversary Update.