Windows 10 on ARM gets tested on Raspberry Pi 3B [VIDEO]

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Windows 10 on ARM Raspberry Pi 3B

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Novaspirit Tech just tested Windows 10 on ARM on Raspberry Pi 3B proof-of-concept and WoW. They also published a video that you can watch below to see some pretty exciting things happening. There’s also need for a bit of help in order to get the drivers working.

Don from Novaspirit has already created a thread on the subject which is really interesting and exciting.

Cases where Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi would be useful

One Redditor believes that there are a few cases in which running Windows 10 on ARM on a Raspberry Pi would turn out very useful.

Even though it may seem like a novelty, I can think of a few edge cases where it may be useful to run Windows 10 on the Raspberry pi. I have a brother printer that needs a server application for the networking to function properly. They do have network drivers for Debian, but the install process is arcane, and there are a lot of steps to get the buttons and the scanner and the printer all working together.

The Redditor goes on and says that their Windows app is easy enough to install and it comes with a simple GUI to set everything up, and it only takes a few minutes.

I currently run a virtual machine on a server to handle it. But I wish I could have just stuck a raspberry pi behind it and let that be the end of it. As much as I love Linux, sometimes things that are simple on windows are a huge time sink on Linux – almost always because driver support is lacking. But still. It’s good to have the option at least.

Windows 10 on ARM has built-in x86 emulation

The fact that Windows 10 on ARM comes with built-in x86 emulation offers high-performance capabilities. Microsoft has been focusing on building x86 emulation into Windows 10 on ARM for a while, and this means that if an app that you want to run is not compiled on the ARM architecture, then it should still be able to run thanks to the emulation layer that’s packed in Windows 10 on ARM.

This will make most x86 apps work, but there is a catch to all of this called performance. You can check out the complete Reddit thread to see all users’ opinions on the tests.



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