Lenovo is testing Windows 10 AutoPilot with selected early adopters

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At Microsoft’s Ignite conference from ladt year, the company announced HP and Lenovo as first supporters of AutoPilot.

Back in June 2017, Microsoft unveiled Windows AutoPilot, a toolkit that would be part of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and allow PCs to be deployed without IT admins ever physically dealing with the computers. The computer’s ID has to be uploaded to the OEM together with the config options including an Azure AD account, Intune and more. Everything will be set up automatically.

Lenovo’s got some news about Windows AutoPilot

Now, we’re in April, and until last week no update showed up regarding the company’s initial plans. A few days ago, Lenovo finally posted some new info on their blog. On April 17, the company announced that it’s the first Microsoft OEM PC Partner supporting Windows AutoPilot.

Lenovo is empowering large enterprise customers to take the first step in their journey to modern management by being the first Microsoft OEM PC partner to announce support for Windows Autopilot.

Customers will be able to combine the new feature with Lenovo Windows 10 preloaded images and with custom solutions that are enhanced for Windows Autopilot with customer apps and cloud storage capability integrated.

AutoPilot is already being tested by early adopters

The company also stated that the AutoPilot is already being tested by selected early adopter customers and it will become available to the general public shortly.

Enhanced digital ordering and fulfillment processes, combined with Lenovo’s global PC manufacturing capabilities and customers’ device management facilities, promises to transform PC deployment in the modern IT era

Before Lenovo’s announcement, the first OEM to support this feature was, of course, Microsoft. Since January, Windows AutoPilot has been available for the latest Surface Pro, Surface Book 2, Surface Studio and Surface Laptop.

We don’t have more in0-depth details regarding the timing of AutoPilot’s availability to HP computers.



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