Windows 10 build 15063 available to Insiders on Fast ring

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Another week, another Preview build! Microsoft continues its fast-paced strategy of releasing new Preview builds every few days. This time, we have the new build 15063, which is available to Insiders on the Fast ring, on both PC and Mobile.

As you probably know, the new build brings no new features, but just a few system improvements and bug fixes. This probably is the thinnest Creators Update build so far, because it brings just two bug fixes for PC, and six for Mobile. The bigger number of improvements for Mobile was expected, since we haven’t seen a Mobile build in a while.

Here’s the complete list of system improvements in Windows 10 Preview build 15063 for PC:

  • “We fixed a reliability issue from Build 15061 resulting in Microsoft Edge hanging and becoming completely unresponsive.
  • We fixed an issue for Insiders where the localized files and registry keys associated with any additional language packs on the system would not be installed after enabling .NET Framework 3.5.”

Here’s the complete list of bug fixes and system improvements for Windows 10 Preview build 15063 for Mobile:

  • “We fixed the bug causing a number of inbox apps to fail to launch (such as Store) and also preventing any app updates from the Store from working. Thank you all for sending us feedback around this.

  • We fixed the bug causing background tasks to not run in the background like they should such as OneDrive’s camera roll sync feature. Background tasks should be working again as expected and your camera roll will sync to OneDrive again.

  • We fixed the issue where in some cases you may lose your call, text, and email history may be lost if your device experiences an unexpected reboot.

  • Speech Packs should download and install normally.

  • We fixed an issue for Insiders with certain cars resulting in connection failures after pairing Bluetooth.

  • We fixed an issue where replacing the default APN for LTE on the phone wouldn’t work.”

According to Microsoft, the new build also causes some issues to Insiders who install it. To check out the complete list of the known issues for both PC and Mobile, check out the official build announcement blog post. We’ll also soon gather reports from actual users, and write our traditional issue-report article, to give you a better insight into the stability of Windows 10 Preview build 15063.

As the Creators Update release date approaches, Microsoft will be releasing new builds faster than ever. So, expect one or two more builds during this week.

Have you installed the new build for Windows 10 Preview yet? What’s your experience with it so far? Let us know in the comments below.



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