Windows 10 build 18950 deletes MS Store apps

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Windows 10 build 18950 is out but it doesn’t come without its faults.

After a long list of bugs and errors that came with Windows 10 May update, a new problem emerges, and this time it affects the 18950 build.

Build 18950 deletes MS Store apps, to the users’ despair

It seems like the upgrade to Windows 10 build 18950 deletes the Microsoft Store and all its related apps. Here’s how one user describes the issue:

Upgraded twice from 18362.239 offline, upgraded from 18362.267 offline and then tried online with same results. The store App and all related apps, Calculator, Mail, Feedback Hub and many more are gone. This was on a total clean install of 18362.

And here’s the OPs screenshot: Windows 10 build 18950 deletes MS store and related apps

Upgrading online or offline brings the same result. Also, using PowerShell, a Local account, or an Administrator account, doesn’t solve the problem.

For now, Microsoft has not addressed the problem and there aren’t any official resolutions.

Stay close, as we will update you as soon as a working solution is found.


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