Revamped Windows 10 Context Menus are Still Disappointing for Many Users

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The most recent build 10586, or Windows 10 November update brought the newest OS to version 1511, and a bunch of new features have been unleashed, along with various problems, of course.

One thing that was improved by Microsoft in Windows 10 is the visual interface of the context menus. This was actually done at the request of Windows Insiders who were annoyed by the mix of different context menus. A few days ago Microsoft said the following in the Insider Hub, explaining its design choice for the next context menus:

You asked us to pick a menu and stick with it, and we heard you loud and clear. We want to share a snapshot of where we are today thanks to our design/engineering teams, and of course our Windows fans. Keep in touch and let us know what works (and what doesn’t). Consistency is tricky when you have menus built using different frameworks and principles, so we went back to the drawing board with questions that needed answers

As it turns out, this was caused by the fact that different development teams were building different menus for Windows 10. Now everybody is working together for the minutest of details, such as size, color, font, touch and more. However, it seems that quite a few users aren’t satisfied at all with the changes.

One Reddit user didn’t just say the Windows 10 context menus are quite inconsistent, but he also came up with a visualised proposal for an obvious solution. Here’s how the new design should look like in his opinion:

context menu windows 10 windows 10 context menu inconsistent windows 10 context menu ugly windows 10 context menu windows 10 ugly context menu

The users goes on saying that even if Microsoft brought several changes to context menus in Windows 10, the overall design is still visually jarring, inconsistent throughout the OS and some established elements actually look subjectively worse. Some other users have been saying the following, as well:

Is it just me or does new Windows 10 context menu look ugly as hell

IMO they still need work. I would like to see the drop shadow changed on all menu’s to be more like jumplist menu’s. Also some transparency and blur FX would be cool.

The context menu when right-clicking the taskbar is definitely too large for me too (in build 10586), the desktop context menu less so.

Why is the context menu dark when rest of the os is mostly light (with some apps having the option of dark)? Why is the context menu so spacious and wide? My mouse pointer doesn’t have sausage fingers…why can’t it be wide only in tablet mode or when screen is touched vs clicked? Why is the context menu for taskbar items such as WiFi and volume not consistent with the rest? (It’s like in 8.1)

So, as we can see, there are quite a few complaints with regards to the new context menus in Windows 10. Do you think that Microsoft still needs to come up with a couple of improvements or you’re happy with the current aspect? Leave your comment below and let us know of your feedback.


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