Windows 10 Creators Update CPU improvements make Microsoft Edge better

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Recently, the Pwn2Own competition took place and Microsoft Edge took first place as the most hacked web browser in the wild. Eyebrows were raised as Microsoft Edge fell victim to straightforward hacks that relied on heap overflowing to conduct perfect virtual machine escapes courtesy of 360 Security as part of the competition. The event left Microsoft to reconsider its security practices.

New vulnerabilities discovered

Hackers can use RCE (Remote Code Execution) flaws to establish a foothold in the main system’s depths.So, by utilizing CPU coding they can assume control of an entire system. This bypasses web code such as HTML and goes directly to the heart of the system. While there are other browser security measures put in place, RCE is considered to be the most important as losing control of it will result in losing control of others as well. Microsoft Edge operates within a sandbox. Every time a new address is accessed, it is run through an app container which separates that instance of Edge from the rest of the system to assure that breaching one security checkpoint doesn’t automatically mean the others are lost as well.

With the new Creators Update, users can expect to see more important processes being put into app containers to strengthen it inside the Edge sandbox. There have been several improvements brought to the system by the Edge team, so here are some of the most important ones that users should familiarize themselves with them quickly.

Reassuring users seems like a good idea

Microsoft is clearly showing interest in making the Microsoft Edge browser one of the most appreciated in the world. The browser follows Internet Explorer, a browser with a tricky and controversial history. With these changes, Microsoft is showing that Microsoft Edge is very important to the company.

By providing extra security, Microsoft is reassuring users about the great privacy it offers and looks to raise the total number of market shares that Edge has against other competing browsers, among which is also Internet Explorer with a higher market share than Chrome.



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