Top 4 Windows 10 credit card readers to use [2020 Guide]

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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The credit card reader is a device that facilitates the transactions because it can be used any time being connected directly to your computer. It is particularly useful for small and big companies but also for people who do not have the time to go to the bank to make different transactions. If you believe that you are a person who needs a device like this, we present you a list of the best credit card readers available on the market at his moment.

Best credit card readers for small business

Unitech MS146

This is a durable and compact card reader with two types of reading technology: visible light and infrared. Unitech MS146 is designed to offer an outstanding barcode scanning performance in a very compact form. You do not need to worry about compatibility, because this model is designed to recognize almost any type of card and almost any card reading software like access control, time and attendance, and even loyalty programs.

The visible light beam consists of the standard configuration of this device. This technology is assisted by a sealed optical system that allows you to use the card reader in the external environment without to worry about water or dust infiltration. The slot opening has a depth field of 2 millimeters and the ability to read 1D barcodes at 6 mil resolution, being useful even for barcoded forms of badges and access cards.

The infrared configuration is dedicated to the security field. Some applications require a method to secure the information. When you swipe the card through the card reader you have access to the card information and you can copy it, but when you use the infrared configuration the system just checks the ID in the external database. This is very useful for employee badges and access cards or any confidential forms with obscuration panels.

Unitech MS146 has sensors on both sides of the reading slot and a bidirectional sensor so that it does not matter which direction you swipe your card, the device will still read it.


This card reader has an encrypted MagStripe reader which offers a complete security service for the transactions of small companies. ID Tech SREDKey ensures the confidentiality of transactions through a point to point encryption system that is significantly reducing fraud and information losing. The encryption system prevents also the access to the credit card information when the owner is storing data. The developers offer to the customers the flexibility to choose the right decryption party.

It is very easy to install. The SREDKey si available in two interfaces: USB Keyboard or USB HID that makes it very flexible fo use. It is designed for a long period of usage because it has a range of up to one million swipes and key entries.

The main features of this device are: compatibility with TDES and AES encryption algorithms, reading up to 3 tracks of information, it does not need any external power supply, it has a certified key injection service.

ID Tech SREDKey is a top device that totally worth the money.

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MagTek SureSwipe

MagTek SureSwipe is a magnetic card reader with bidirectional sensors which means that you can swipe your card in both ways and your card will still be read. The magnetic read heads are positioned on either side and are saving card flipping and checkout time.  This device is connecting with your system through a USB port in either HID or a Keyboard Emulation setup and it can be reconfigured at any moment. The reader status after every action is provided by a green or red LED that informs the user if the reading took place.

The swiping speed can reach up to 60 inches /second, so you do not have to move the card slowly through the reading slot.

This device can operate in extreme conditions. MagTek SureSwipe will work perfectly on a temperature between 40 degrees F – 158 degrees F (-40 degrees C – 70 degrees C) and a relative humidity between 10% and 90% as long as there will be no condensation.

MagTek MiniUSB Stripe Reader

The MagTek MiniUSB Stripe Reader is working through an already existing software application developed especially for keyboard interface. It does not need any external power supply so you can use it only when it is connected to a computer. Thanks to the USB port he is compatible with all kinds of computers because he does not require a specific slot to connect.

All the information is transferred to the PC by the Keyboard Emulation Software Interface which makes the data appear like they were entered from a USB keyboard. This device needs a dedicated software to work on your computer. It is called Human Interface Device and is a developed application required for card reader functioning because it can import the data to any other application.

It is a model specially made to withstand many uses. It has a range of up to one million swipes and actions and 125 000 hours of usage. It operates perfectly between 32 degrees F to 131 degrees F (0 degrees C to 55 degrees C) and if it is disconnected from any power supply it can resist up to 158 degrees F (70 degrees C). MagTek Stripe Reader also resist airing moisture. During the operation, it can support between 10% and 90% humidity and when it is disconnected it can support up to 100% humidity, obviously as long as it is no condensation.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in September 2016 and has been updated for freshness, and accuracy.