Windows 10 forced update to v1903 gets stuck for many users

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Windows 10 20H1 is on its way, but many Windows 10 users haven’t even upgraded to v1903.

With some preferring Windows 7, and others staying on older Windows 10 versions like v1803 or v1809, Microsoft has started the auto-update process for its latest OS.

Windows 10 v1903 auto-updates cause some issues

This was expected to come at one point, especially with the end of support in November for Windows 10 v1803, but it seems like the forced updates are causing some problems.

Here’s how one user is describing the auto-update process:

Windows just forced my 1809 install to update to 1903 and now my screen is stuck sideways at 0% for 4 hours. What can I do?

And here’s the OPs screenshot: forced 1903 update stuck at 0%

The sideways bug is weird, but the long time needed for an update isn’t. Microsoft’s bigger updates tend to take a long time to complete, in some cases even 10 or 12 hours.

It’s worth pointing out that it also depends on the internet connection.

The same user stated that after leaving the PC overnight, the update was still at 0%:

I just woke up and the update screen is hanged, still at 0%. I force shutdown and when it came back, Windows rolled back the changes and I’m back to 1809. I also don’t see 1903 in the updates settings for now. Not sure how long that will last though. Nevermind, it went straight back to updating to 1903…

Lots of Windows 10 users are annoyed by the slow update time

He is not alone, as many other users reported that these forced updates to v1903 take a very long time to complete.

Furthermore, some users got interrupted by the auto-updating process right in the middle of their apps and games:

Same thing just happened to me and pulled me out of my game of league of legends…

Same with me, managed to cancel in time but it tried to force me out of a CS:GO match without warning. Used an update blocker before that, and I won’t be disabling it until 1903 looks to be in a usable condition.

This is slightly uncommon, as Windows updates usually take place outside of working hours.

Lately, Windows 10 May update gained a lot of market share, and with the auto-updates rolling out, it will probably be on a lot more PCs. Hopefully, without any more bugs.


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