Microsoft confirms Magnifier overhaul in Windows 10 20H1

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Windows 10 Magnifier app

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Microsoft plans to release Windows 10 20H1 in the Spring of 2020. The tech giant is currently focusing on developing the new OS via Insider builds.

We recently reported that Windows 10 20H1 brings various changes next year. Some of these are improvements for notification settings, new Eye Control options, additional Your Phone App features and more.

Most importantly, you will get to see a completely new UI design for the magnifier. As a matter of fact, some users already spotted these changes.

Twitter user @Leopeva64 revealed the details on social media. According to the user, the Windows 10 Magnifier has been revamped to match the theme of Windows 10.

Microsoft added a new Fluent design element named light theme in Windows 10 version 1903. These changes will allow you to apply the light theme to Magnifier.

The list of changes does not end here, as the Twitter user further announced some behavioural changes too.

I use the magnifier a lot and today, after installing this build, I noticed another “change” that they don’t mention, the option to “collapse the magnifier window to a floating transparent magnifying glass” doesn’t appear, I hope it’s a temporary bug due to the changes they made.

Magnifier UI redesign

These changes are currently available to Fast Ring Insiders who installed the latest builds. Microsoft’s engineer Shou-Ching Schilling confirmed these changes.

He encouraged Windows 10 users to provide Microsoft’s engineers with feedback on the new Magnifier UI.

Good observation. We are in the middle of making some changes to the Magnifier UI. Question: Do you like the transparent UI? What do you like (or not like) about it? Thanks!

Users like the new Magnifier design

Microsoft ignored many Windows features including magnifier for years. Thankfully, the Redmond giant has finally decided for a revamp.

Apparently, Windows 10 users think that the new magnifier redesign is pretty useful. One of the users shared his opinion about the floating transparent magnifying glass in a Reddit thread.

Normally the magnifier icon should always remain on the screen when you move the pointer, this is very useful because the moment you want you can close the magnifier or change the zoom levels, well, in this build, the icon doesn’t move along with the pointer.

Microsoft plans to release Windows 10 19H2 in September this year. However, the company has not announced any release date yet.

Do you think that the changes to the Magnifier app are useful? Comment below. 



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