5 best Windows 10/11 golf games that you should play

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Windows 10 golf games

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In the gaming arena, nearly all racing games, tank games, and action-survival games get all the digital attention while some of the best gaming experiences—like golf for example barely gets a pinch of the media pie. Well, we are not going to let this happen anymore. There are some great golf titles with ultra-realistic graphics on PC, Android, iOS, Nintendo 3D’s and even on PS Vita.

You don’t need to go to a golf field to play the actual game itself. All you need is to grab a couple of these golf games and immerse yourself into the evergreen world of golf gaming. In this article, we bring you 5 of the very best golf games for Windows 10 that you should consider playing.

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Best Windows 10 Golf Games

Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf

Windows 10 golf games

Described as the most realistic golf game the market has ever seen, Jack Nicklaus new golf game provides a truly immersive experience geared to replicate a life-like scenario. It’s highly accurate ball flight physics and high-resolution visuals owe to the high-end launch monitors used. The game offers 20 different modes including match, stroke, and skins and also has some team-based variants like Foursome, Greensome, scramble, and better ball.

Perfect Golf has a lineup of 12 courses each with varying levels of difficulties, and all the courses are geo-referenced to the real world. Full controller support ensures that almost everything you do with a mouse in the game from aiming to moving the ball on the tee and more can also be done using the game controller. The game also has an integrated multiplayer lobby that makes it easier to find online players to play against.

Get Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf from Steam

Mini Golf Mundo


Mini Golf Mundo is an exciting golf game that comes with 4 challenging courses suitable for rookies as well as experienced gamers. Your goal is to putt the ball to each of the 18 holes available in each level (72 holes to complete the 4 strenuous courses with varying levels of difficulty). Unending obstacles such as warp holes, jumping fish and bouncing pads add to the difficulties while making the game more fun to play.

Rookies may start off in the Woodland Falls where they learn the basics and later progress to Meadowland Plains and the Highland Hills to pursue the difficult courses. Being a multi-payer game, you can choose to play alone or invite up to 4 friends in a turn-based tournament.

Get Mini Golf Mundo 

Sid Meir’s Sim Golf


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Originally released in 2002, Sid Meir’s Sim Golf has captured the minds of many golf lovers due to its strategic moves and resort management features. While playing through premade or self-designed courses, you will enjoy a good combination of management, course play, and colorful graphics that will keep you engaged for hours. You can be the CEO, course designer, or resident of your own golf resorts around the globe. Get the rare opportunity to grow your golf empire from a small public entity to a magnificent network of 5-star resorts.

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Get Sid Meir’s Sim Golf

Dangerous Golf


Dangerous golf is a game of angles, velocity, and leisure all mixed together to create a deeply satisfying game. This is not your traditional golf game; it is played indoors and to score big, you will have to putt long shots to cause massive destruction to property. The aim of the game is to impact maximum damage to objects, over 100 holes. You have to mess up the kitchen, smash toilets, destroy expensive antiques and more.

The more expensive the objects you destroy, the higher the score. Once you have done enough destruction, you earn a SmashBreaker. Your ball becomes like a fireball capable of causing more chaos and destruction. Visually the game is very attractive with a lot of explosions.

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Get Dangerous Golf from Steam

Super Golf Land

windows 10 golf games

Super Golf Land is an exciting golf game that combines engaging gameplay with good presentation and lasting value to create an amusing golfing experience. You get to golf across 8 beautifully designed, yet tricky courses, develop skills and collect all the 8 unique power-ups. The aiming system is well designed and you control the angle and velocity of your shots. The levels are quite challenging, but with precise shots, navigation becomes fun. Plus, the main game lasts over 2 hours and after that, you can play the mini-games which open up new levels of challenges.

Get Super Golf Land 


For so long the game of golf has been stereotyped as a game of the rich and the old, but the roles are changing as more and more people have learned the comfort and the leisure aspects of playing golf. Today, we’ve so many golf games that are exciting and fun to play, and some of these apps replicate the actual game experience. However, only a few of them are compatible with Windows 10. In this article, we have highlighted 5 of the best golf games for Windows 10. Hope you will find these games fun to play. Feel free to comment and share.

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