10 Best Online & Offline Racing Games to Play on Windows 10/11

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  • For racing game enthusiasts, there are numerous online and PC game options to try.
  • To get the best of these games, you must use a computer that meets the minimum PC requirements for the game. 
  • Some of the PC games have browser versions that we recommend playing on Opera GX.

So you just finished watching Fast & Furious, and now you are craving speed, but you cannot take it out on actual streets because you know that speed thrills but kills.

Stay tight for today; we bring you the best racing games for Windows 10 and 11 that will satisfy your speed rush and keep your adrenaline kicking.

The best racing games are not the ones that vent a hair-raising sound or the kind that comes with supercars—though both help.

They are the kind that pulls you right into the action as if you are the one taking the wheel with your eyes strained as the asphalt whips past 200kph.

Ready to fire up the engine and conquer the roads? Here are the best racing games you should check out.

Note that you will enjoy them on any of the 7 best browsers for gaming.

Is there an online racing game?

Browser tech has massively evolved since the early 90s. With these upgrades comes an increase in the use case, and games are a niche tapping into the tech, and online racing games are not left out.

There are enough to choose from, and you would be spoiled for choice. This article will share a few racing games that are great car game options for Windows 10 and 11 PC.

What is the best browser for gaming?

Most modern browsers will be good choices for gaming, but for the ultimate gaming experience, we recommend Opera GX.

It is a pioneer in this niche and has enough features to make gaming the most seamless and enjoyable experience.

You will love the cool sound effect for startup and keystrokes. These put you in the gaming mood from the word go.

The browser is light on resources, and you will get the best out of high graphics and resolutions.

But what we love most about it is its native integration for services like Twitch and Discord. You can do all your gaming, streaming, and chatting without breaking a sweat.

Finally, it comes with all the cool features of the Opera browser.

Opera GX

Go with this full-speed browser and hit the nitro switch on your racing games.

Which is the best racing game for PC?

GT Racing 2 – Windows mobile and PC compatible

If you are fascinated by Le-Mans racing or Grand touring and how those cars race at a neck-breaking speed with crowds full of cheering spectators, you might want to try out the GT Racing 2.

This game will give you a natural driving feel, like game physics and realistic graphics. You can choose from a variety of high-end cars, including the phenomenal Ferrari, Mercedes, and more. And you can also upgrade them with visual upgrades and performance kits.

The game’s performance is boosted by the variety of driving modes that it offers. For example, you can choose from Classic races, Overtakes, Knockout rounds, and One on One.

Various camera modes exist, and you can select the view that suits your style, including the interior view.

GT Racing 2 is available for both Windows mobile and PC. Even better, you can play solo, and if you have a friend who wants a challenge, you can choose the Multiplayer option.

The game also offers 13 tracks with different times of day and weather.

Best features:

  • Original circuits
  • International competition
  • Human-like AI opponents

Get GT Racing 2

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NFS: Hot Pursuit – Crime chase racing game

Hot Pursuit is one of the few games that will let you experience the need for speed you enjoy on your console right into your PC or Windows mobile. This game offers racing alternatives that put you right into action.

You can be that angry cop chasing down rogue drivers or the racer outrunning the law with that high-end exotic car. You can choose your favorite driving style with different control options ranging from motion sensor controls to on-screen controls.

NFS: Hot Pursuit offers players racing options that keep them engaged throughout the game. A cop can use roadblocks and spike strips to smash down racers or use EMP to fry the racer’s electrical system.

Racers can use oil slicks, overdrive, or jammers to outrun the cops. This game truly puts you in the escape mood and is a hot pursuit, as the name suggests. NFS: Hot Pursuit is also X-Box live enabled.

You should download this game as a super car racing game option for PC.

Best features:

  • Cross-platform multiplayer
  • Exotic cars with weapons
  • Enhanced visuals

Get NFS: Hot Pursuit

DiRT Rally – Dirt racing game

Codemaster’s DiRT Rally game is a gem in the gaming universe and has surpassed its predecessor, Dirt 3.

It is the best game Codemasters have made in years. DiRT Rally does away with many of the arcade touches that persist in the core series with an advanced handling model.

The game’s setting is on dirt tracks with lots of sideway sliding driving, and to succeed in the race, you have to master all the wheel controls. The race is not a joke; you must apply strategy and resource management while taking care of the car at every turn.

DiRT Rally captures the elements that make rally unique —the hassle of trying to remain in control of your emotions as you hurtle at a neck-breaking speed.

You will have to strike the perfect balance between speed and control, knowing that a single crash could irreparably harm your stage time. Everything from speed control to the most subtle weather and lighting changes is well set to improve the game.

Best features:

  • Iconic rally cars
  • Team management
  • Custom rally events

Get DiRT Rally

Hydro Thunder Hurricane – Water racing game

Hydro Thunder Hurricane changes the environment as it takes your need for speed to the water, where you get to race an assortment of speed-hungry boats. The game offers players over ten playing environments, including the Bermuda Triangle, Monster Islands, and Area 51.

Each environment offers players plenty of drop-offs, jumps, and secret passages. You can choose from a wide variety of over twenty boats. The boats become more powerful as you progress and are customizable with a series of skins.

Hydro Thunder has an efficient control system, and the racecourses are challenging. The game offers four racing modes: Championship, Gauntlet, Ring Master, and Gate.

Hydro Thunder has a lot to offer and comes with some unique features that you might not find in any other game. However, the game is not free, and you have to buy it for $9.99, although a free trial will help you determine whether it’s worth the investment.

Best features:

  • Rocket powered speedboats
  • Race against friends
  • Great water physics

Get Hydro Thunder Hurricane

CSR Racing – Microsoft Store game

CSR Racing has slowly become one of the most popular titles in the market. The game is played from a profile view and allows you to participate in fierce city street drag racing.

You will have to choose from over 90 licensed cars with a customizable appearance and upgrades available through the game’s garage.

The game has four playing modes, which include:

  • Multi-Player Racers – where you challenge other racers
  • Ladder Racing – where you face multi-stage events
  • Crew Battles – where you compete against five racing families
  • Regulation racing – where you compete against randomly selected opponents

As you win races, you earn cash that can be used to upgrade your existing fleet or buy new cars. Upgrades cover your turbo boost, engine, transmission, tires, and body adjustments. You can also change your paint to suit your color of preference as well as customize your license plate.

CSR Racing is easy to play. Once you set the engine to the maximum level before the race starts, acceleration becomes automatic. Your work will only be to shift gears promptly to keep acceleration smooth.

It is an excellent Windows 10 and 11 racing games free download option.

Best features:

  • Brilliant graphics
  • Over 100 cars
  • World tours

Get CSR Racing

CarX Drift Racing – Great drifting physics

windows 10 racing games

You may have seen in movies how crazy drivers swing hot rides around corners and utilize hand brakes till the car burns rubbers. If you want a game that can do precisely that, then CarX Drift Racing is what you are looking for.

What more? You can customize your ride and change the color of the ride smoke—something that movie stars in real will never be able to do, so you are one step ahead.

CarX Drift Racing has a series of classic cars to choose from, like muscle cars, coupes, and pickup trucks for those who prefer something more prominent.

You will love the wheel physics and the drive mechanics employed in this game. Endless controls exist that you can customize to suit your driving style.

You can turn on and off steering and brake assists as per your ease. You can also adjust graphic settings to get an authentic experience. Best of all, the game is available for free.

Hit the download link below and transform your PC into a racing field within minutes.

Best features:

  • Friend challenge
  • Diversified routes
  • Plenty car options

Get CarX Drift Racing

TrackMania 2: Canyon – Great car dives and stunts

windows 10 racing games

TrackMania 2 features a fantastic opening sprint that you might not find in any other game. It starts with one car on the starting block, but when the counter hits zero, that’s when you realize you have 20 cars to compete against.

Naughty terrain, abrupt turns, exit into suicidal drops, and many other surprises will make your race unbearable. But you are trained for this, so when others make mistakes, you will head straight into the tunnel and into the mouth of the mountain.

You will learn that a typical race doesn’t end at the finish line but in a disastrous environment where cars bounce on top of you. Impossible jumps, wide barrel rolls, and floating platforms set the TrackMania series apart from other arcade racers.

The competition is fierce and fanatic. A race can quickly devolve into a hilarious scene of an unforeseen corner or missed jumps. You might spend hours without noticing because the terrain and the competition you will face will not allow you to drift your eyes off the screen even for a second.

Best features:

  • 100+ players
  • In-game video studio
  • Thrilling racing experience

Get TrackMania 2 Canyon

City Racing 3D – Racing game in slim size

windows 10 racing games

City Racing 3D is not only characterized by its stunning graphics but also by its small size of just 46MB. The game is powered by a Self-developed 3D Engine and Real Physics.

You get to choose from a variety of high-end cars and race in the world’s most beautiful cities like Paris, Tokyo, Chicago, London, and many more.

You also race with all the styles you want, from Classic, 1 ON 1, to Elimination with stunning 3D graphics and natural scenes. The game also offers various camera modes and controls so you can adjust them to suit your driving style.

Best features:

  • Worldwide cities
  • Unbelievable 3D racing
  • Realistic sound effects

Get City Racing 3D

Asphalt 8: Airborne – 8-player game

windows 10 racing games

Asphalt 8: Airborne is a thrilling game from Gameloft that is available for both Windows Mobile and Windows PC. The game has responsive controls and fantastic graphics and is one of the best racing games available.

The game offers all you need to feel the sensation of a racing driver and more. The visual effects will put you right into the action, from the airborne jumps to the slow impacts. Asphalt offers over 100 cars, including high-end exotics like Ferrari, Chevrolet, Tesla, Lotus, Dodge, and Audi.

Asphalt does not restrict you to one racing field; instead, it allows you to explore various venues that give you a real-life experience.

If you are a city boy, you can choose cities like Venice, Iceland, or any city from the nine venues, and if you prefer to get a little dirty, you can tear the dirt in the Great Nevada desert.

The game also has a multiplayer mode that supports up to 8 players and can be saved locally or in the cloud to continue playing across devices. Control options include keyboard controls, on-screen controls, and tilt sensors.

Best features:

  • Stunning graphics
  • Arcade gameplay
  • 400+ career events

Get Asphalt 8: Airborne

Beach Buggy Racing – Beach free driving game

windows 10 racing games

If you feel that car racing is not quenching your thirst for speed, you might want to try cart racing. This is where speed and madness collide. The game immerses you into an action-packed world of off-road kart racing.

You race against a motley bunch of rival drivers, each with special abilities and unique personalities. Your racing buggy can be upgraded to increase your peak speed, boost acceleration, and strengthen your kart to remain strong even when you smash into things.

The game also offers you a wide variety of power-ups that you can collect during the race to conquer your opponents. For instance, you can use oil spills to slow them down, monster truck tires to increase your ability to smash things, or rockets that you can use to blast your opponents off the track.

Beach Buggy Racing has four modes: Championships, Career, quick races, and split-screen multiplayer races. The game comes with 12 racetracks to conquer and has gaming control support for your keyboard, gamepad, and tilt sensors.

Best features:

  • Cool animated graphics
  • Realistic sound effects
  • Different game levels

Get Beach Buggy Racing

What racing games can my PC run?

This will depend on the system requirements of the game you need to run. You must note that the system requirements will vary per game basics, and you must consult the manufacturer’s site to know if your PC can run it.

Generally, we recommend Windows 11 and a great Graphics card for best performance. However, any of these best PCs for gaming may be a good fit.

For some of the games discussed, after download, you can play them as Windows 10 and 11 and offline racing games.

Racing games are a great way to pass the time, and the big screens of our Windows 10 and 11 devices add to the entertainment value of these games.

There are so many racing games out there, and since we could not fit all of them into one roundup, we only selected the top-rated. A few of these are also great Windows 10 and 11 online racing game options.

So if you missed your favorite from the list above, sound off in the comments section below, and we will see how well it fits on the list.

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