Windows 10 Insider builds to improve the Share functionality

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Windows 10 is obviously the main focus over at Microsoft, with tons of updates prepared months in advance, with early 2017 already booked for new updates as well. This is part of Microsoft’s plan of not releasing any new version of Windows and instead focusing on improving Windows 10 over the years.

Although users are significantly more pleased with how Windows 10 turned out in contrast to Windows 8/8.1, there are still things that need to be fixed or updated, and Microsoft is working to bring all these upgrades in a timely manner. There are also things that haven’t been improved at all since Windows 8, meaning that the relevance of those features has drastically deteriorated to the point where they cannot correctly function in today’s environment anymore.

Such is the case of various Share-based functionalities which no longer meet the norm. This has gotten users asking about updates pertaining to this specific concern, and the answers seem to have finally appeared. It looks like Microsoft is preparing to solve the Share related problems as pointed out by update builds pushed through their Windows Insider program.

Microsoft official Peter Skillman has responded on Twitter to a series of questions about the highly required Share implementations for Windows 10 in a vague manner characteristic to Microsoft. He assured those inquiring about it that Microsoft is “on it” and that users would be able to see changed made to the specific area of the OS “soon”.

While not very satisfying since no specific date was made available, Windows 10 users can at least take comfort in the fact that Peter Skillman’s answer shows us Microsoft is on the right path. With the next major update (Creators Update) scheduled for 2017, it remains to be seen if Microsoft will be pushing any additional updates containing the changes or if users will have to wait until the beginning of next year to receive improved Share functionalities.



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