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by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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July Patch Tuesday

The 7th round of monthly updates for the year 2020 have arrived, and they are called the July Patch Tuesday updates.

Like all previous iterations of Patch Tuesday updates, these also bring a  host of new features, bug fixes, as well as much needed security changes and improvements for your Windows 10 PC, which are the main focus of Patch Tuesday anyway.

More so, this month’s Patch Tuesday updates come along with 136 CVEs that were identified and fixed.

UPDATE: The  June 2020 Patch Tuesday Updates are as follows:

If you want a complete list of updates spanning all versions of Windows 10 released this month, along with direct download links to those updates, check out this article.

Windows 10 v2004 still plagued by many issues

Windows 10 v2004 was launched back in late May, and it brought tons of new features to the table.

However, like all new OS versions, bugs and issues were just as abundant as the new features and improvements, and we’ve covered many of these issues, as you can see from the articles below:

More so, last month’s Patch Tuesday Updates didn’t focus too much on Windows 10 v 2004, since not enough time passed between the initial launch date, and June’s Patch Tuesday.

Because of that, many issues were still left unsolved, such as BSoD errors after updating to Windows 10 v2004.

Other users reported that they were getting error messages that prevented them from upgrading to Windows s10 v 2004 in the first place.

Whichever the case, the point is that the Patch Tuesday updates will arrive shortly, and hopefully put an end to many of the issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The fastest way to handle any Windows Update error is through the use of the Windows Update Troubleshooter.

  • These updates are called this way because they are always launched on the second Tuesday of every month.

  • Patch Tuesday is usually followed by several days unofficially called Exploit Wednesday and Uninstall Thursday, which are 2 days when those that didn’t install the latest updates are at their most vulnerable.

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