Windows 10 Mobile Insider Build 14322: here’s what’s new

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Windows 10 Mobile is refusing to go the way of the dinosaurs after Microsoft released a new build in the form of build 14322 to the fast ring. This version of the operating system has brought several improvements but no new features.

The most notable improvements are the visual changes to Notifications and the Action Center. From what we have seen, the icons for each notification within the Action Center is not shown repeatedly. We can’t say if this is a good move or not seeing as we had no problem with the previous setup and we have no problem with the current.

When it comes down to the visual changes in Notifications, the layouts are more flexible than before. This is similar to the layout of the Live Tiles. Notifications with images will now be displayed in a larger fashion. Great improvement, but it did not have an effect on us.

Cortana is one of the most important features of Windows 10 Mobile. We’ve been using it to set reminders, make internet searches among others things. We’re glad to find out that Microsoft added two new ways to make a reminder.

Taking a picture:

Yes, it is possible now to take an image with your smartphone to be reminded about. For example, are you a person who just can’t remember to give your child a bath? No problem, just take an image of the child, send it over to Cortana and she’ll handle the rest like a super nanny.

App reminders:

Your friend sent you an article about a bear drinking a beer. This surreal, but totally legitimate, trust us. However, you’re too busy to see what all the fuss is about; well, just tell Cortana to set a reminder for you to read this article later in the day or whenever else.

Let’s talk a little about Continuum for mobile because Microsoft added some cool things here.

According to the software giant via a blog post, “Continuum-capable phones now include support for most USB Ethernet adapters. If you connect a USB Ethernet adapter your Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL via the Microsoft Display Dock for example – you will have network connectivity through an attached Ethernet cable.”

Bear in mind that not all adapters are supported at the moment, but the list should increase with future updates.


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