Windows 10 Mobile build 15025 issues: Install errors, battery drain, and more

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Microsoft recently rolled out a new Windows 10 build for Mobile, adding a series of features and bug fixes. Microsoft Edge can now read your e-books aloud just like on the PC and displays full-color, updated emoji by default on websites that use emoji.

Important Windows 10 Mobile build 15025 bug fixes:

  • Fixed the issues preventing Insiders from manually changing display brightness
  • Insiders can now connect to Google websites
  • Taping on email notifications now opens emails
  • Improved battery life when OneDrive or similar tasks are running in the background, etc.

Windows 10 build 15025 Mobile bugs

The recent Windows 10 Mobile build also brings issues of its own, as many Insiders have reported. In this article, we’ll list the most common issues reported by users:

1. Default sounds won’t work: Many Insiders report that there are no notification or alarm sounds available on their phones.

2. Install error 0x80080008 and 0x80070273: Some Insiders can’t download and install this build on their Windows 10 phones due to errors 0x80080008 or 0x80070273. As a quick workaround, force restart your device, switch rings and then come back to Fast Ring and the new build should install.

Rebooting fixed this error. But after it’s downloaded and installed, when I click restart, now it gave me 0x80070002 error!
I’ve restarted again and click update, it showed me restart option, clicked on it and then again 0x80070002.
On that error, I’ve clicked retry and now it’s downloading again.

3. Huge cellular data usage: Many users complain about excessive and inexplicable cellular data usage due to repetitive app and system update downloads.

4. VPN connections randomly fail.

5. Battery drain: Insiders report that the latest Windows 10 Mobile build drains half of their phone battery in less than 20 minutes.

Have you installed build 15025 on your Windows 10 phone? Did you encounter other bugs apart from the ones listed above?



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