Windows 10 Mobile to be released in March?

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There’s one question that users of Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile Preview constantly ask: when will Microsoft finally release Windows 10 Mobile?! Well, we might have an answer for you — actually,  just another answer since we’ve been “answering” this question for months now.

According to Venture Beat, Microsoft will finally start to roll out Windows 10 to older Lumia devices this month. Reportedly, Microsoft will release Windows 10 Mobile to legacy Lumia devices after regular service updates for handsets that already ship with Windows 10 Mobile installed, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. There’s also word that the alleged upgrade will come separately from service updates, which is different from what we expected from previous schedules.

Additionally, Microsoft will start to offer the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade passively, which means that users will have to initiate the update on their own as it won’t be installed automatically. Only after some time, Microsoft will start to install the upgrade automatically.

Real deal, or another false alarm?

By now, we have a history of announced Windows 10 Mobile releases yet here we are, still waiting for an actual release. As time passes, our feeling grows that Microsoft will never release Windows 10 Mobile. While we know the company will have to eventually present it, the question remains: when?

Windows 10 Mobile was originally scheduled to be released in December of last year, but we’ve only seen a few new builds for Windows 10 Mobile Preview sine then. Microsoft itself said the release of Windows 10 Mobile is delayed due to the operating system not being ready yet.

After that, there was a rumor on the internet that Microsoft planned to release Windows 10 Mobile to older devices by the end of February. That rumor was (accidentally?) initiated by Lumia Mexico Facebook page, so users thought that they’d finally get the RTM version.

However, while the company never official announced February as the release date of Windows 10 Mobile, it turns out that Microsoft planned that date internally. Still, the operating system has yet to be released. So, it technically means that Microsoft delayed the release only once but that the delay is already months long.

We sincerely hope sources are right this time and that owners of Lumia devices will finally get the upgrade. We should take these rumors with a pinch of salt, though, due to our experiences with release announcements in the past.


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