Here’s Why Windows 10 Fall Update Deleted Some of Your Programs

by Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
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It looks like we’re talking about problems with Windows 10 November Update more than we talk about good things it brought. This time, numerous users have reported that the update just deleted some of their third-party desktop programs, without any notification or explanation.

Users begun to complain about this strange issue on Reddit shortly after the update was released. All of them said that Threshold 2 deleted some programs, such as CPU-Z, Speccy, Cisco VPN Client, etc. There are indeed a lot of programs that have been removed, but we don’t have a precise list of all of them.

People are wondering what happened, and why these programs are deleted, as no one knows what’s going on. Well, there’s maybe a logical explanation for this unexpected action. Namely, all these mentioned software appears to be recognized as incompatible with the current version of Windows by the installer. And since they’re marked as incompatible, the installer automatically deleted them, to prevent issues during the setup process, and further compatibility issues on Threshold 2.

We really tend to believe that’s why these apps have been deleted, because Microsoft had software compatibility issues even before Windows 10 was fully released. And resolving compatibility problems is one of the reasons Microsoft offered Windows 10 as a Technical Preview first, by the way.

It is well known that Microsoft is working together to make as many programs compatible with Windows 10 as possible. The company doesn’t just work with software developers of these programs, but also with users who will identify and report the issues.

On the bright side, Threshold 2 creates a Windows.old folder C: drive (just like the fresh installation does) that features all removed programs, so you can take a look and see what programs exactly the installer deleted.

Do you have a same problem? Did Threshold 2 deleted some of your programs? Tell us in the comments.

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