Best Windows 10 PCs to buy this Christmas [UPDATED LIST]

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by Ivan Jenic
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When it comes to PC enthusiasts, this was a good year. This year’s hot trends are mainly connected to Virtual Reality, 4K graphics, and Stick Desktops. Windows 10 is slowly but steadily taking its spot as the top operating system in the world (with Windows 7 still in front).

When you decide to update to a Windows 10 computer, you would probably want to take the full potential of your system. Why not use Christmas discounts to your advantage to obtain new PC. Especially if you are professional and your performance depends on your PC‘s capability, or a dedicated gamer who wants the top-notch gaming experience. For these reasons, we prepared a list of 10 PC‘s that will take your job or visual pleasure to another level.

For these reasons, we prepared a list of 10 PC‘s that will take your job or visual pleasure to another level.

What PC should I get this Christmas?

1. HP Pavilion Desktop Computer (recommended)

HP Pavilion Desktop Computer

This desktop computer is powered by an Intel Core i7-7700 for optimum performance and it sports 12GB RAM, alongside a 1TB hard drive. Now you can store all your digital files in a single place without resorting to external storage devices.

This stylish PC is lightning fast and can keep up with all your multitasking demands, allowing you to be more productive.

2. HP Business Desktop ProDesk 600 G3 (suggested)

HP Business Desktop ProDesk 600 G3

HP is the most popular computer manufacturer among Windows 10 users and for a good reason. The company has a diverse computer offer for every taste and needs.

The HP Business ProDesk 600 G3 is equipped with a latest-gen Intel i7-7700 CPU that can reach 3.6 GHz, and up to 4.2 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost. Other high-end specs include: 8 MB, 16GB  of RAM, 1TB HDD 7200 rpm storage, four USB 2.0 port and one of them is fast-charging.

It is worth mentioning that the system includes HP’s Technical Support technology which answers technical support calls within 30 seconds.

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3. Lenovo ThinkCentre V520S SFF

Lenovo ThinkCentre V520S SFF

This computer is blazing fast, boots up within seconds, and operates quietly and smoothly. It is compact and comes in several technical configurations to perfectly suit your needs.

4. Beelink M1 Intel Mini PC

Beelink M1 Intel Mini PC

This device is one of the best mini PCs currently available on the market. If you’re looking for a small, compact and portable desktop computer, check out the Beelink M1 Intel mini PC.

Powered by an Intel Apollo Lake N3450 CPU, this tiny computer is powerful enough to deliver amazing videos or gaming graphics.

It also comes with a dual-screen feature that allows you to finish multiple tasks at the same time. In other words, you can use it to connect two monitors via VGA.

You can also use a 128GB SD card to extend its memory and have more space to install all your files, folders, games or movies.

You can also hook it to a wall and save precious desktop space.

5. Acer Revo Build

acer revo build windows pc

Main traits of this interesting branded PC are its portable size and modular design. PC that is quite small with its 1-liter chassis and 135×135 stand. So, in size, it’s like an average desktop speakers subwoofer. You can easily move it around and connect it to any kind of display (monitor, TV or projector) in order to get access to all your data. One of the things you are not able to do with your standard PC tower casing, for sure.

Except for the portable demeanor, Revo Build revolutionizes easy upgrading. Practically, it is compiled of blocks that are different hardware parts. It is very simple to install additional hardware or change existing components, even for customers unfamiliar with standard PC upgrading. So, we can just imagine the happiness on the face of a PC devotee who gets his hands on the Revo for Christmas.

When it comes to specs, the Revo Build default edition comes with Intel Pentium or Celeron processors, 2 GB of RAM, Intel HD graphics and 1 Tb of disk space. As we mentioned, all can be easily upgraded, so you can get up to 8 GB of RAM and 8 TB of HDD. When it comes to connection, it has Gigabit Ethernet, wireless LAN, 3 USB 3.0 ports, and Bluetooth. In addition, if your handphones support wireless charging, the Revo Build contains a module for recharging it.

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