Here’s how Microsoft’s redesigned Start Menu could look like

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Windows 10 Start Menu concept design

We all know by now the plans that Microsoft has for Windows 10 20H1 in terms of UI changes.

The overhauled Windows 10 UI to come in the Spring of 2020

With the accidentally leaked Windows 10 build 18947, a big part of the company’s changes to the Start Menu and Action Center were revealed.

If you like the new Start Menu without tiles, or you prefer the old one, in the end Microsoft will probably go with the new one and its Fluent Design elements.

Of course, the leaked version was in early stages, and you could expect many other changes to be implemented before its full release.

Just a month ago we showed you how Windows 10 could look like through the eyes of a concept designer, and now, another design of the Start Menu has surfaced up, this time by @Scoots37.

New Start Menu concept design with Fluent Design elements

new Start Menu concept design
This new design is based on the leaked build and is very close to what Microsoft wants to implement.

As with the original leaked design, the concept has split the Windows community in two: users who love it and users who hate it.

Check out a couple of opinions and concerns expressed by Windows 10 users:

I hate it and will not replace my old start

Nope, if this comes out without an option to revert the design imma hate it. Don’t need to mess around with the start menu. Remember Win8??

Most users share the opinion that the new design looks more like a mobile version, and the current version is much better:

Ugh. Now Windows is butt ugly like Android.

A UI only an iPhone fan could love.

Keep in mind that this is only a concept design, and Microsoft’s overhaul of the UI might look a little different.

What’s your take on the new design changes that are coming to Windows 10 next year?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and we’ll continue the talk.

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