New Windows 10 upgrade pop-up updates your OS even if you click on the X button

Madeleine Dean By: Madeleine Dean
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All your Windows PCs belong to us.

We recently reported that Microsoft will auto-schedule PCs to install Windows 10 without user permission. The new Windows 10 upgrade pop-up now offers only two official options, “Upgrade now” and “Start download, upgrade later”, and a third, unofficial option.

At the beginning of the Windows 10 upgrade campaign, users simply clicked on the X button to close out the prompt and delay the upgrade. This method successfully worked but the only annoying issue was the upgrade popping up again after a few hours. Lately, many users have noticed that the upgrade invitation is becoming more insistent after the first refusal.

Now, when users close the Windows 10 upgrade window, a notification appears informing users that the upgrade is scheduled for a particular date, without offering any option to cancel the update. In other words, you have no choice now: If you click X button, the system takes that action as a permission to upgrade.

Of course, users still have 30-days to roll back to their previous OS. However, despite this option, users still feel Microsoft is betraying them by literally forcing them to upgrade to Windows 10. It’s almost as if Microsoft is taking control over your computer when it comes to upgrading.

While Microsoft may be planning to turn its latest OS into the most popular desktop OS in the world, but the method it uses to achieve that goal is Machiavellian. Doing this may push users to switch sides and choose to run a free OS or even worse, go buy an Apple computer.

Microsoft’s pushy Windows 10 upgrade pop-up could lead to a severe popularity drop in Windows OS usage. This does not mean that Windows will no longer be the most popular desktop OS in the world, but taking into account user reactions to this forced upgrade and it is possible that Microsoft loyalty will decrease.



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