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Steps to fix Windows 10 weather app issues

  1. Open the Windows Store App Troubleshooter
  2. Reset the Weather App
  3. Reinstall the Weather App
  4. Update the Weather App
  5. Turn on User Account Control for built-in Admin Accounts
  6. Reset the Store Cache
  7. Set Up a new User Account
  8. Roll Windows 10 Back to a Restore Point

The Weather app comes included with Windows 10. That app provides detailed forecasts for users. However, MSN Weather doesn’t always open for some users. One user stated on a forum, “It (the Weather app) appears on my start screen, but when I click on it, it comes up and then immediately blinks off.” If Weather doesn’t open for you either, these are some resolutions that might fix it.

How to fix Weather app issues on Windows 10

1. Open the Windows Store App Troubleshooter

  • The Windows Store App troubleshooter is one that can fix apps that aren’t working. To open that troubleshooter, click the Type here to search Cortana button on the Windows 10 taskbar.
  • Input the keyword ‘troubleshoot’ in Cortana’s search box.
  • Then you can select to open Troubleshoot in Settings.

  • Select the listed Windows Store App troubleshooter, and press the Run the troubleshooter button to launch it.

  • The troubleshooter will then open in Windows. Press its Next button to go through the suggested fixes.

2. Reset the Weather App

Windows 10 includes a Reset option that you can select to fix apps that aren’t working. The Reset option will restore an app to default settings and erase its data. So that option is always worth a shot for fixing apps.

  • To reset Weather, open the Cortana search box.
  • Then enter ‘apps’ in the search box, and select to open Apps & features.
  • Scroll down to and select the Weather app.

  • Click Advanced Options to open the Reset option shown directly below.

Apps freeze Windows 10 right click

  • Press the Reset button, and click Reset again to further confirm.

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3. Reinstall the Weather App

If resetting Weather doesn’t fix it, try reinstalling it. You can press the Uninstall button just below the Reset option to remove the app. Then press the Get this app button on this page to reinstall MSN Weather.

4. Update the Weather App

Updating apps can also fix them. MS Store usually automatically updates apps. However, you can manually check for Weather app updates as follows.

  • Open the MS Store app by clicking its Start menu shortcut.

  • Press the See more button at the top right of MS Store.

  • Select Downloads and updates to open a list of app updates as below.

  • Press the Get updates button to check for updates. MS Store will automatically download available updates for Weather or other apps.

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5. Turn on User Account Control for built-in Admin Accounts

If you can’t open the Weather app within the built-in Windows 10 admin account, this resolution is worth noting. The built-in admin account turns off User Account Control, but Windows 10 UWP apps need the User Account Control left on. Thus, turning UAC back on will probably fix the Weather app for a built-in admin account.

You can enable the UAC with the Winaero software. You can add that software to Windows 10 by clicking Winaero Tweaker on this page. Then open the Winaero window, click User Accounts > Enable UAC for Built-in Administrator and select the Enable UAC for the built-in Administrator account option.

6. Reset the Store Cache

Weather, and other apps, might not open if the MS Store cache is corrupted. You can fix the cache by clearing it. Press the Windows key + R hotkey, and then enter ‘wsreset’ in Run. A Command Prompt window will pop up when you press the OK button.

7. Set Up a new User Account

MSN Weather might open ok in an alternative user account. So setting up another user account is another potential fix. You can set up a new user account in Windows 10 as follows.

  • Open the Cortana app’s search box.
  • Enter the keyword ‘user account’ in the search box.
  • The click Add, edit or remove people to open the window shown in the snapshot directly below.

  • Select the Add someone else to this PC option.

  • Click I don’t have this person’s sign-in information > Add a user without an admin account to open the login fields below.

  • Then enter the required login details there, and press the Next button.
  • Thereafter, log in to your new user account and open the Weather app there.

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8. Roll Windows 10 Back to a Restore Point

If your Weather app ran just fine a few months back, the System Restore utility might fix. That will undo system changes and can restore Windows to a date when you could open the MSN Weather app. Follow the steps below to roll Windows back to a previous date.

  • Open the Run accessory.
  • Enter ‘rstrui’ in Run, and click the OK button.
  • Click the Choose a different restore point radio button on the System Restore window, and press the Next button.

Cannot find script file Windows 7

  • To get a full list of restore points, click the Show more restore points option.
  • Then select a restore point that will restore Windows 10 to a date when the Weather app was working.

screen turns sideways

  • Note that you might need to reinstall some software after restoring Windows. Press the Scan for affected programs button to see what software a selected restore point removes.

  • Click Next and Finish to roll back Windows.

Some of those resolutions might fix MSN Weather so that you can get it up and running again. Remember, however, that Weather is not exactly an essential app as there are quite a few notable alternatives. For example, AccuWeather is another UWP app that provides forecasts. This app guide provides further details for the best Windows 10 Weather apps.

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