Debate: Should Windows 10 be Called Windows 8.2?

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic
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It’s been a while since Microsoft released it’s Technical Preview for Windows 10 and a lot of people had an opportunity to test it. Of course, there are positive and negative reviews, but one question arises, is Windows 10 really worth to be called the brand new operating system, or is it just an improved version of Windows 8?
windows 10 or Windows 8.2 wind8apps

Before we start our debate, I have to say that this is just a Technical Preview of the new operating system, so many new features are excluded from it, but we can make an analysis based on what we got so far.

After testing Windows 10, most users were satisfied with it, way more than they were with Windows 8 (Just as a reminder, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 combined had a minor operating system market share of just 16.8%, which is unacceptable for Microsoft). The main reason for positive reviews is that people got what they requested, the Start Menu. This is also the main feature of Windows 10 Technical Preview, and the main change, besides some other interface tweaks, all other stuff are almost the same as they were in Windows 8 or 8.1. So an average user could tell, why this is presented as a brand new operating system, when there’s only one crucial change? Because of that, a lot of people call it Windows 8.2.

In my opinion answer for that question lays in the name of Windows 10. When Microsoft skipped one number and presented the new operating system to go by the name of Windows 10 they explained that they’re not “building and incremental product,” but people understood it as a way for Microsoft to distant from Windows 8 as much as possible. Because of that, people expected wonders from Windows 10 and expected it to be drastically different from Windows 8. But if we take a look at history of Windows OS, neither version of Windows is drastically different than its predecessor. Here’s a proof I found on Microsoft forum:

  • Windows NT 4.0 (along the same time as Windows 95)
  • Windows 2000 was just NT 5.0
  • Windows XP was just NT 5.1
  • Windows Vista was 6.0 and was a major change, mostly to take advantage of new hardware for things like graphics acceleration that were never possible before.
  • Windows 7 was just 6.1 and really just changed some taskbar behaviors.
  • Windows 8 was 6.2 and although it looked different, the big change was just a bigger (full-screen) start menu. Although it was big, it had the same function (shortcuts and an ‘all programs’ directory).
  • Windows 8.1 was 6.3 and added some mouse functions and title bars
  • Windows 10 is just going to be 6.4.

So the impression is that people really expect too much from just a Technical Preview of the new Windows. But there’s another interesting inference from this. It looks like people didn’t disliked Windows 8 as much as they disliked its certain features. And now when we have Windows 8 look-a-like operating system with improved features (read: Start Menu), people are pretty much satisfied with it and experts are predicting that Windows 10 will do much better job than Windows 8 did.

Also, as I said at the beginning of the article, this is just a Technical Preview, and a lot of features, along with Microsoft’s much anticipated voice assistant Cortana, need to be included in the final version, so I think that we should wait until the final release to make comparisons.

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Oh boy. please tell me the editor told you to see if you can stoke a fire with a compelling piece.

Even more so, I hope you won’t believe everything you read on the Internet at face value when history informs you to take PR with a grain of salt.h

(Sorry for the net drop)… I’ll put the disclaimer I’m not a MCSD. However I still have one of my 1st 80 cards from real work, and I sat some dozen MCP exams 20 years ago to lay to waste the MCSE track. So yeah I live with a finer point.

I think we can re state the axiom; “Hindsight is 20/20.”

The rear view mirror of my life says that except for a few “moon shots” (DEC PDP 11, IBM 360, OS,/2, OSX, WIN 95, WIN 7)… IT’S just folks often guessing badly because the line of business..mgr s cannot fathom all the $ spent on what the customer wants could be slashed, (cancelled), spend 2% on a wild office party
and come out ahead because the customer doesn’t know what they want, so they wind up out right lying to research through their teeth, while passing a polygraph.

Steve Jobs & history says, Henry Ford, saw this clearly. (iPod, Newton, Mac in many lives, iPhrapbet.) “If I listened to what my customers wanted, I’d be selling them faster horses.” – Henry Ford.

While I don’t believe for one second Bill Gates has the creative flair of the 1st two men, his above avg (understatement) of both Business And Technology that made that pissed short shit a force not equated with a biz-tech volley delivered like a heavyweight fighter (sometimes literally).

However one of his many super brilliant calls was to code just enough functionality to keep the.sales claims o the software box and out of FTC fraud inquiries.

Knowing he wasn’t Steve he bundled smoke and mirrors into a cardboard box, and waited.

In the next balls to the wall run, resources were allocated by bjtch level. Ergo, the #1 fix going from MS DOS Word V1 > 1.1 fixed the Very Unfortunate Bug where nobody thought about checking the % of space being used by .BAK up.text, creating the conditions where all the data files are open (even .BAK s with no End Of File write outs across 1.2 MB of typing that can never be retrieved or modified because there’s 0 bytes left on that 5.25 inches (smaller then 8″) with not a single data file readable.

I know for a personal fact that very great tech writer holding the worthless, wordless WORD diskette was sent to pastureland early in life with permanent mental loss.

Hopefully you got some giggles’ while learning our hero’s that took ‘that fad’ from the math dept., we’re largely guessing and busting tail.

>>> Never, Ever, Is It Pretty!” << DOS 5.0 (More Free RAM (C) 1988 Microsoft Corp. 98052 USA. By ‘Chicago’ Win 95, I knew I’m really some ghost of Bill Murray and I live and love ❤ my days and nights of pushing to hard on too little sleep because I live in a movie called Ground Hog Day.
I figure someone trying make or look different by changing the jargon and moving from the East to to San Jose or playing at change in politics.

And even “minor” changes have implications never completely foreseen, perhaps due to Rose Colored Glasses – typically painfully lost via experience.

Oh yeah… To an engineer, Redmond’s O/S are right out of thin air!

I hereby do swear/affirm I personally took possession of a box called NT and another called NTAS-(Advanced Server), right after the OS/2 split.

Both workstation and server were. SO BAD, there not even joked about. Contrast to the humor of Bill and Steve burying the last box of Microsoft BOB in the soccer field – with lt’s Project Manager. Melissa.

Turns out she left Microsoft before Bill.However they got married and has a couple rug rats, first.

None of it is fast or easy. Y2K was a non event because we ate the pain of removing divide by zero before 2000.

You guys will have it better because you’re building on prior knowledge, however you’ll have to jump higher and faster too.

Good luck kids! Sorry its such a long rant. It’s a bit much attempting a Mel Brooks History of Computing Part 1 mixing in the human stiff too.

Choose wisely Stewards of your Own Future Made many mistakes, early and often. Just take care to measure them for early course correction.

Tcat Houser
WP Lumia 1520