Does LDAC Work on Windows 11? [Codecs Support]

LDAC codec is not supported on Windows 11 but there's a workaround

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  • A codec is a device or software that compresses and decompresses digital audio or video signals.
  • LDAC is one of the most high-quality codecs available, and Windows 11 users can enjoy it, too, with a few tweaks.

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LDAC stands for Low-Density Parity Check and is a Sony technology that increases the bandwidth of audio signals. It can transmit up to 3 times more data than standard Bluetooth, and at the same time, it reduces the noise level and improves sound quality.

If you’re looking for a new wireless headset for your wireless device, you need to know some headphone basics. First and foremost, frequency matters. You have to know whether your wireless device supports the frequency that the headphone is designed for.

Does Windows 11 support LDAC?

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There are some unreliable third-party software and drivers that claim to provide the LDAC functionality to Windows PCs, but we recommend you stay away from these until you are sure, given that it could be malware in disguise.

LDAC is an audio codec that offers high-quality wireless audio over Bluetooth, but a handful of devices only support it. The next question on your mind is, can Windows 11 use LDAC?

The answer is yes, but not natively. So, while many use it, others face compatibility issues. Here’s the catch on the LDAC codec for Windows 11.

First, there are several ways to use LDAC. You can use an LDAC PC dongle or an adapter that supports the codec directly, or you can use an app to get it working over Bluetooth on your device. Microsoft Store is a good place to start. You can easily install codecs on your Windows 11.

If you are using an adapter, the manufacturer must support LDAC. Otherwise, there is no other way to change the Bluetooth codec in Windows 11. The next question on your mind is probably: Does my Bluetooth support LDAC?

When you want to buy a new pair of headphones, it’s worth knowing whether or not they support LDAC. However, if you’re using a laptop with a built-in Bluetooth radio or an external Bluetooth adapter, there’s no guarantee that your computer will support LDAC.

The Bluetooth audio codec is included in many recent devices. If you don’t see LDAC listed on your device’s specifications page, you can contact the manufacturer directly to find out if they plan on adding support for this feature.

Alternatively, you can use third-party software such as Bluetooth tweaker in Windows 11 to check for compatibility.

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Windows also has an easier method for the Bluetooth codec check. You need to use Windows Media Player, as detailed in this article.

And for those wondering whether Windows 10 does support LDAC, the information here should be helpful.

What Bluetooth codec does Windows 11 use?  

Just like any other piece of software, Windows 11 has its codecs. These are used to encode and decode audio files. Windows 11 supports two Bluetooth codecs natively. The most common codec is SBC, and the other codec is AAC (Advanced Audio Coding).

They are used to reduce the amount of data that has to be transmitted over the air, which helps improve the battery life of your device. With Windows 11, the SBC codec, which is a lossy codec, is the predominant one. 

The SBC codec is commonly used in Bluetooth headsets and speakers, but it can also be used with headphones. It provides decent audio quality while being relatively easy to decode. However, the audio quality does not even come close to LDAC.

And that’s everything you need to know about LDAC support and how to install LDAC codec in Windows 11. So, while you can use it in the latest iteration, things won’t be as simple as relying on other supported codecs. Also, if you are wondering how to use LDAC on Windows 10, the same idea applies.

You may be interested in video codecs, so check out our extensive article. Besides, find out what to do if facing issues with Windows Bluetooth.

Let us know what audio codecs you use and your reasons for using them in the comments section below.

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