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  • A PC audio equalizer improves the quality of sound produced by your computer. 
  • To enjoy better music quality on windows 11, adjust the equalizer settings on its media player, and play directly from the application. 
  • Without any third-party applications, you can improve the sound quality of Windows 11 by changing the sound settings of your PC.

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If you need to improve your listening experience on audio hardware, you must have a good sound equalizer installed on your PC. They play the vital role of adjusting the speaker parameters to suit the mood and music playing.

On Windows 11, some individual apps like the Media Player give sound equalizing functionality, but, the ultimate sound or music experience comes with some third-party audio equalizers.

This article introduces you to some of the best audio equalizers to use on the Windows 11 OS for free. If you require a more robust paid solution, you should read about the EqualizerPro audio enhancer.

What is an audio equalizer?

A PC audio equalizer is software that allows you to tinker with the loudness and density of bands or specific audio frequencies. These adjustments improve the sound quality and make it more suitable for the listener.

An audio equalizer will allow you to boost the bass or trim the treble effect to make it more appropriate for a room that reacts to sounds with low frequency.

Audio equalizers on your Windows 11 OS will digitally reproduce the same effects of turning and adjusting nobs in the traditional hardware equalizers.

What are the best Windows 11 free equalizers?


Boom 3D is a pro audio enhancer. Even though it is not entirely free, you could get some of the best audio equalizing features during its 30 days free trial period.

As the name implies, you will be able to play your songs with the most amazing 3D effects on any streaming service, media, or headphones.

The surround feature converts your PC to an incredible music booster, adding deep bass and clarity to every sound. You could get the exact effects the musician intended and more.

You would have access to 31-band equalizers and a wide range of presets.

Additional features:

  • Boom volume booster
  • State of the art audio player
  • Apps volume controller


If you need the best sounds on every streaming platform, this audio equalizer is an excellent choice.

Download Free


windows 11 free equalizer

The legacy app and the new FXSound app have free versions. FX Sound provides an easy learning curve if you have ever used traditional audio equalizers. In addition, it provides a simple tunable for adjusting sounds.

Its downside will be the compatibility issues with extreme audiophiles, attributed to a capacity of 10 bands ranging between 110Hz and 15KHz. The preloaded presets compensate for the small band capacity.

Sliders are conspicuously missing on the new FxSound app, and you will only have to hit the ON button for the app to produce real-time enhancement of sound.

On this app, you will have the options for several presets, including music, games, video streaming, etc. It is an easy-to-use option if you have no prior sound processing knowledge. Users of FX Sound will be able to include a variety of effects, including surround sound, ambiance, and clarity.

Additional features:

  • A visualizer
  • Dynamic boost options
  • A preamplifier volume control

Get FXSound


windows 11 free equalizer

Viper4Windows is a powerful sound equalizer for windows 11. You can load it on the sound card as the audio processing object and save it on audio-enhancing hardware.

You will be fond of it because it gives them the freedom to choose target output devices and allows custom sound presets for varying scenarios, including Rock Music, Super Bass, and Jazz Music.

Compared to FX Sound, it has a broader band range. You will be able to customize through 18 bands ranging between -120dB and 13dB

It has a surrounding feature for sound effects to accommodate small, mid-size, large, and largest rooms.

Viper4Windows’ ViPER XClarity feature helps to stabilize distortions in noise. This feature gives you three options: Ozone+, Natural, and X-Hifi, and includes an adjustment bar for setting distortion.

Additional features:

  • Speaker size and bass level control
  • A compressor for pitch selection
  • Reverberation effects

Get Viper4Windows

Equalizer APO

windows 11 free equalizer

Equalizer APO is yet another excellent Windows 11 free audio equalizer. It is open source, and the several sound filters will be a great addition to boosting music quality on your PC.

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Like all the other applications on this list, it is backward compatible with other editions of Windows. You may get the best out of it when used with Room EQ and VST plugin.

With this sound equalizer, you can do more than real-time effects. With the option to save your settings as config.txt, you can apply settings whenever you need them.

This sound equalizer has a low latency rate, and you will be able to use its settings and filters for VoIP apps, music streaming apps, and computer games.

Additional features:

  • Integration with voicemeeter
  • Robust filter options
  • A wide range of channels

Get Equalizer APO

Graphic Equalizer Studio

More than some of the other audio equalizers on this list, Graphic Equalizer Studio requires some knowledge of audio processing to successfully tweak the sounds. For example, while broadcasting songs, treble and bass responses may not be the same between tracks.

You may use it along with a limiter and compressor to get the best out of its dynamic audio range. When you enable its auto-correct feature, it will automatically detect min and max amplitudes.

Using this equalizer, all your playlists should sound better.

Additional features:

  • Q-factor adjustment for different configurations
  • Real-time audio processing

Get Graphic Equalizer Studio

Realtek HD Audio Manager

windows 11 free equalizer

This is another free, open-source Windows 11 equalizer. It allows you to change several sound settings on stereo, speakers, and mics.

If this equalizer sounds familiar, it is because you find it in most computers. However, it does not come with a Windows 11 installation but can be downloaded for the OS.

Realtek HD Audio Manager has a highly customizable equalizer set of 10 bands. Options for sound effects are grouped into Environment and Equalizer.

The Equalizer sound effect has bands that range between 31dB and 16k dB and permit customization for future use. You would find its many presets handy. Its newly introduced Karaoke is used to maintain the current track’s pitch.

Realtek HD Audio Manager’s Environment sound effect includes Underwater, Living room, Sewer Pipe, Forest, and more. Once you select any of these, it will create the corresponding sound effect.

Additional features:

  • Room sound correction
  • Swap Center, and Bass Management
  • Virtual Surround

Get Realtek HD Audio Manager

DFX Audio Enhancer

DFX Audio Enhancer is a basic sound equalizer for windows 11. It will add different features to the sound to improve the quality. It is more popular for producing solid effects like Fidelity, 3D surround, Dynamic boost, and Ambience.

With the 3d surround, it generates real-life effects to mimick different surroundings. The hyper boost arguments perceived audio loudness while maintaining the sound distortion.

To add to the aesthetics, it has the option for different skins like Factory_classicblue, Factory_charcoal, etc. During installation, you must take care not to install other software that is not needed but come in the installer.

Additional features:

  • Light Processing
  • Streamcast options

Get DFX Audio Enhancer

Can I enhance audio features on windows 11?

You may not be interested in downloading a free equalizer app and would prefer to work with the inbuilt sound features of Windows 11. In this case, optimizing the sound settings on Windows 11 will be your best bet.

You will be able to access the sound settings by right-clicking on the sound icon, then tinkering with the different settings to get what appeals to you.

I am curious to know which of these free equalizers works best for you. Please let me know in the comments.

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