The Oculus Link/Air Link issues on Windows 11 still aren’t fixed

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Oculus users are enraged, as they can't use their favorite equipment on Windows 11.
  • The VR headset constantly runs into performance issues because of the new OS.
  • This constant stuttering happens with both native Oculus titles and SteamVR ones.
  • It affects people connected across both wired Oculus Link and wireless Oculus Air Link.
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Windows 11 VR users are on the brink of mental breakdown, as Microsoft still hasn’t taken the time to fix the annoying performance issues that VR headsets such as Oculus have.

Even though this is a known issue, one that affected Insiders during their test period, the issue still remains despite Windows 11 being officially launched to the general public.

Frustration keeps building up and social media platforms, as well as forums, erupt with complaints on this matter.

VR users are starting to get fed up with the constant issues

As you probably already know, the problem started when people began using the VR headsets with the new operating system.

While you are moving your head or hands, you will notice a constant visual juddering, enough to make you feel sickness within a matter of seconds.

The issue happened both with native Oculus titles and SteamVR and across both wired Oculus Link and wireless Oculus Air Link.

People immediately suspected a performance issue, but both the Oculus Debug Tool and any in-game performance counters showed absolutely no dropped frames.

Monitored systems were maintaining 90 frames per second with no drops.

By switching through the modes of the Oculus Debug Tool some users quickly discovered that the Oculus compositor itself was dropping frames.

If you’re not familiar with the term, the compositor is the constantly running software service that a VR app sends its rendered frames to.

The compositor applies timewarp or spacewarp when needed, overlays system UI, and makes sure to send frames to the GPU at the right time.

This tool should always be running at the framerate of the headset’s refresh rate, and if it isn’t, something is going badly wrong.

A quick Google search shows dozens of other Quest owners reporting exactly the same issue on Reddit and the Oculus forums.

For me it affects Airlink and link, looking at the performance overlay will show constant compositor frames being dropped, a few every second, and if you have the console window turned on for the oculus service it is filled with these errors

Even though some users are affected differently, the result is pretty much the same, a nauseating water-theme-park-like ride that gives you a massive headache.

All eyes are on Microsoft and Oculus creators and everyone is desperately waiting for a fix that would put this nuisance behind us.

Are you also struggling with such issues on Windows 11? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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